Lodge lifts lid on 'weird' Broncos departure

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Newly signed Warriors prop Matt Lodge has described his exit from the Broncos arsenic "weird" but claims his departure from Red Hill wasn't acrimonious and helium near connected "good terms".

Lodge's aboriginal was the taxable of overmuch conjecture even earlier the play began but was retained. Yet that didn't halt the rumour mill from going into overdrive each play with plentifulness of uncertainty astir his spot connected the team. He was yet moved to the New Zealand based nine conscionable days aft being told helium would beryllium staying successful Brisbane.

"He (Walters) rang maine and had a conversation, and astatine that constituent I was going to enactment astatine the club," Lodge said.

"He said helium wanted maine determination and to enactment for the future, we had that speech successful the bye week.

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"I conscionable got a telephone telephone a mates of nights aft that saying a woody would beryllium done to permission the club. At that constituent it had changed that galore times that successful my mind, I needed a caller commencement and I took it with some hands.

"(The 2nd call) was from my subordinate manager and helium conscionable said the woody was astir done.

"He was good. We sat down and had a bully chat erstwhile I left, and helium decidedly didn't bash thing incorrect by me.

"It was beauteous respectful – it is evidently a hard relation successful his presumption and you've got to determination players on.

"I'd similar to deliberation that I handled that well. It was bully to permission successful that facet and the respect was inactive there.

"The nine has done a batch for me, and adjacent though I didn't cognize Kevvie excessively well, I'm definite he'd accidental we near connected bully presumption with each other."

A mid-season determination to Newcastle fell done for Lodge erstwhile helium was told by manager Kevin Walters helium was required astatine Brisbane for the remainder of 2021.

But conscionable a fewer days aft a nationalist declaration from Walters that neither Lodge nor Tevita Pangai Jr would beryllium leaving, the Broncos sent the prop packing.

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"Obviously it has been a spot of a weird one… I was astir apt looking to permission earlier pre-season and that got changed rather a fewer times," helium said.

"It was looking similar I was staying, going and staying – it was benignant of hard to pass with different clubs until I got a payout fig and support to bash so.

"It dragged connected a small bit, but got it done and blessed it's each down maine now.

"Initially I was going to move, but past I had a bully pre-season and started to enactment immoderate bully games together.

"Last twelvemonth I didn't person the champion twelvemonth done a fewer large injuries.

"Once I got backmost connected the tract it changed a small bit, but yet we got to the decision that I was going to permission and it was the champion happening to do.

"Without going into excessively overmuch detail, I sold my location earlier successful the twelvemonth due to the fact that I didn't deliberation I would beryllium sticking around. It changed a just bit, but it's done now.

"I'm blessed to determination guardant with it and I've got immoderate stableness now. I tin conscionable spell to enactment with a wide caput now."

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