Matt Mauser, widower of Kobe Bryant crash victim, gives moving 'AGT' audition

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Christina Mauser was a manager astatine the hoops legend's Mamba Sports Academy.

Her hubby shared during his audition that helium and his woman had been teachers earlier she retired to let him to prosecute euphony afloat time. Then a imagination occupation came along.

    "She got the accidental to manager girls' hoops with Kobe Bryant," helium said. "But connected January 26th of 2020, I mislaid my woman successful the aforesaid chopper clang that killed Kobe Bryant."

      In a pre-taped video, Mauser shared that anterior to the clang helium and his woman lived a "dreamy" life. They met, helium said, successful 2004 aft she caught his show successful a "dive bar."

      He asked her retired and they sat successful his car and talked for hours astir music

      "She was conscionable this precise humble, powerful, beauteous quality being," Mauser said. "My ma said, 'If you don't wed that girl, you're stupid.'"

      The 2 were joined for 15 years and had 3 children. Mauser recalled his past moments with his wife.

      "When she near that day, she kissed maine and she said, 'I emotion you,'" helium said tearfully. "And that was the past happening my woman ever said to me. Your full beingness changes successful a second."

      Mauser said helium shifted his absorption to their children, who attended the audition.

      "You know, if I had it my way, I would person my wife, and I would beryllium supporting her," Mauser told the judges." "But that's not what happened. You know, it's been a unsmooth year. But, present I am."

      He performed a screen of Phil Collins' "Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)," breaking down astatine the extremity of the opus with the poignant lyrics "take a look astatine maine now, ohio there's conscionable an bare space/And there's nothin' near present to punctual me/Just the representation of your face."

      The 4 judges, Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Sofía Vergara gave him a lasting ovation.

      Mauser said that successful auditioning helium wanted his children to spot that "in spite of the grief that we've been done this twelvemonth that grief is not going specify who we are arsenic a family."

      "And that my children spot that you person to find joyousness successful beingness and you person to continue," helium said. "And if this tin anyhow assistance my children to pursuit their dreams, past I'll instrumentality it."

        Mandel told Mauser that his woman is ever nearby, noting that her household is her bequest and adding that his audition was her legacy.

        "And connected behalf of your woman and everybody successful America I'd similar to springiness you your archetypal yes," Mandel said earlier the different judges besides voted Mauser through.

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