McLaren boss 'disappointed' with Ricciardo

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McLaren brag Andreas Seidl admits he's disappointed astatine the magnitude of clip Daniel Ricciardo has taken to accommodate to his caller team.

The Australian joined the squad this play aft 2 years with Renault, and has struggled to lucifer the gait of teammate Lando Norris.

Nine rounds into the season, Ricciardo is languishing successful eighth spot successful the title with 40 points, portion Norris is fourth with 101 points.

Ricciardo is yet to decorativeness successful the apical 5 successful a race, a presumption Norris has filled successful 8 of the 9 events, including 3 podiums.

Daniel Ricciardo has struggled to lucifer the gait of Lando Norris truthful acold successful 2021. (Getty)

According to Seidl, the accommodation for Ricciardo has been a "huge challenge."

"I don't deliberation helium imagined it would beryllium truthful hard to alteration teams. He's disappointed, truthful are we. Because we thought it would beryllium faster," Seidl told RTL.

"I americium inactive convinced that astatine immoderate constituent it volition click with him."

The aboriginal play communicative had each drivers who had changed teams struggling to adapt, with Carlos Sainz (Ferrari), Fernando Alonso (Alpine) and Sergio Perez (Red Bull) each disconnected the pace. However, Sainz is present each but level with Charles Leclerc successful the championship, Alonso has had the amended of Esteban Ocon successful caller races, and Perez won the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Only Ricciardo continues to conflict successful narration to his teammate, though Norris is astir decidedly a aboriginal star, with McLaren already locking successful a multi-year declaration hold for the 21-year-old.

Daniel Ricciardo connected the mode to 6th spot astatine the Spanish Grand Prix. (Getty)

"He makes astir nary mistakes," Seidl said.

"Basically, I judge that you are not a implicit operator successful Formula 1 successful your 3rd year, (but) his improvement is impressive.

"It was ever wide to america astatine the extremity of past year, aft we saw his improvement from twelvemonth 1 to two, that we would trust connected him.

"He is precise blessed with america connected the team. So it was a elemental and logical determination to get this declaration hold done astatine an aboriginal stage."

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