Monster ban and fines for Dragons partygoers

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The NRL has slapped the 13 Dragons players caught up in the now-infamous location enactment COVID breach with monster fines, totaling $305,000.

Each subordinate has besides been handed breach notices by the league that volition construe into clip connected the sidelines.

The announcement handed to Paul Vaughan, who hosted the enactment astatine his spot of residence, proposes an eight-match suspension and a good of $50,000. It takes into relationship Vaughan's anterior biosecurity breach successful 2020 and the information that helium withheld cardinal accusation from the Integrity Unit.

The projected sanctions for each different players who attended the gathering see one-match suspensions and fines.


Paul Vaughan of the Dragons is sent to the sin-bin this season. (Getty)

The NRL besides alleges a fig of players hid oregon fled the residence erstwhile NSW Police attended the location aft complaints from neighbours.

According to News Corp reports, Dragons players attempted to screen up teammate Jack De Belin's involvement earlier the 30-year-old was recovered "hiding nether a bed". De Belin was handed a $42,000 good by the NRL.

It's besides alleged that a fig of players gave oregon were progressive successful giving misleading accusation astir the lawsuit during the NRL's probe into the breaches and that immoderate of the players conspired to withhold cardinal accusation from the NRL.

Dragons CEO Ryan Webb besides expressed his dismay for the club's 13 offending players.

"The 13 players' arrogance and ignorance to some the NRL biosecurity protocols and the authorities government's nationalist wellness bid is upsetting and infuriating," Webb said.

Deb Knight slams St. George Illawarra Dragons players implicit COVID-19 breach

"Every subordinate of the club's Apollo registry were communicated their responsibilities and limitations nether level 4 protocols connected galore occasions.

"All 13 players person fto the remainder of their teammates, the entirety of our hard-working staff, their families, the wider assemblage and astir importantly our Red V members, partners and fans, down.

"The full nine and our stakeholders volition present beryllium punished arsenic a effect of the combined 20-week suspension procured betwixt the 13 players.

"The Dragons clasp nary reservations implicit the punishments handed down by the NRL Integrity Unit oregon NSW Police fixed the players' implicit disregard for some the crippled and community's expectations."


Blake Lawry - $20,000

Corey Norman - $50,000

Daniel Alvaro - $15,000

Jack Bird - $25,000

Josh Kerr - $18,000

Josh McGuire - $12,000

Kaide Ellis - $5,000

Matt Dufty - $23,000

Paul Vaughan - $50,000

Tyrell Fuimaono - $12,000

Zac Lomax - $31,000

Jack de Belin - $42,000

Gerard Beale - $2,000

*The fines instrumentality into relationship past indiscretions and the varying salaries of the players.

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