My Pillow Guy Moves Goalposts Again, Says Trump Will Be President Again in 6 Months

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With each time that Donald Trump is retired of office, the QAnon question gets weaker. And portion galore members person decided to halt pursuing the theory, the FBI worries that others could go much violent.

One of the champion known right-wing conspiracy theorists successful the state is Mike Lindell. The My Pillow Guy has ignored lawsuits and mockery to proceed pushing the thought that Trump volition beryllium president again. And similar QAnon, helium keeps connected moving the goalposts.

Lindell had precocious claimed that Trump would beryllium backmost successful bureau by August. But during a caller interrogation with Rolling Stone, the pillow entrepreneur pushed the day backmost to wrong 6 months.

And not lone did the My Pillow Guy assertion that Trump won, helium says that it wasn’t adjacent truly close. “There was 147 cardinal registered to vote. OK, Biden got 80 cardinal and Trump got 75 million. That’s 10 cardinal other voters,” helium claimed. “Trump won 80 cardinal to 68 million.”

Not lone did Lindell’s assertion correspond a 19 cardinal ballot swing, helium was besides mode disconnected connected the magnitude of registered voters successful the United States. The existent fig stands astatine 213 million.

The My Pllow Guy besides predicted, “Six months from now, Trump volition beryllium our existent president and our state volition beryllium heading toward its top rebirth successful history.”

Lindell closed by saying that the insurrection was a set-up. “I’ve ne'er adjacent watched footage of that,” helium said. “But successful my opinion, it was a setup. I’ve been to implicit 50 rallies year. There has ne'er been 1 incident. And you don’t deliberation it was a setup? Gimme a break.”

One would anticipation that Lindell would beryllium seen arsenic a brainsick idiosyncratic spouting nonsense. Unfortunately, determination look to beryllium millions of Republican voters reasoning the aforesaid kinds of things helium does.

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