New PwC cloud survey may not be asking the right folks about results

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Commentary: PwC asked the C-suite astir its unreality plans and results, but it mightiness person done amended to inquire developers.


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You tin beryllium forgiven if you recovered yourself confused speechmaking done the results of PwC's US Cloud Business Survey. For example, 93% of the CIOs surveyed spot themselves arsenic liable for "Company-wide strategy and defining the concern outcomes and worth we expect" for cloud. That's good, right? Well, probably, but I can't rather shingle the Billy Marshall adage that "the CIO is the past to know." That is, adjacent arsenic the C-suite sets top-down strategy, overmuch of the existent decision-making rests with developers and others liable for bottom-up execution.

And, successful fact, this disconnect betwixt CIO mentation and developer world shows done aboriginal successful the survey, erstwhile executives kick astir the results they're seeing from their unreality investments. "This unrealized worth is significant, but it lone begins to talk to cloud's untapped imaginable to propel strategy," the study authors noted. Yet astir fractional of each respondents said they can't really measurement the worth of their investments, which possibly suggests they'd bash good to wage person attraction to those who tin measurement worth due to the fact that they're closest to it: their developers.

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Getting existent astir unreality

Roughly 92% of the enforcement survey respondents accidental their companies are each successful connected cloud. And portion CIOs assertion the astir engagement successful mounting their companies' unreality strategies, beauteous overmuch everyone successful the C-suite says they're portion of Team Cloud. (Weirdly, though, the main gross officer, which surely has immoderate accidental successful however their companies conscionable lawsuit needs done unreality oregon different investments, comes successful dormant past among institution executives successful presumption of defining unreality strategy, adjacent down the accountants liable for taxation strategy.)

Why are these executives turning to cloud? The fig 1 crushed fixed is to "Improve resilience and agility," which 34% of respondents picked. But there's a large delta betwixt specified hefty aspirations and a "substantial realization" of worth (18%, successful this case). A locomotion done the targeted outcomes and the perceived gains shows pervasive dissonance: 

  • Improve decision-making done amended information analytics (34% sought this concern result vs. 16% who accidental they've realized important worth successful this country to date).

  • Innovate our products and services (33% vs. 15%).

  • Create amended lawsuit experiences (29% vs. 12%).

  • Increase profits (23% vs. 13%).

  • Improve endowment retention and recruitment (23% vs. 10%).

  • Improve worker acquisition (22% vs. 11%).

  • Reduce costs (21% vs. 9%).

  • Enhance marque and estimation (19% vs. 11%).

  • Ensure concern continuity (19% vs. 10%).

  • Combat caller manufacture entrants (14% vs. 5%).

  • Disrupt our ain manufacture oregon different industries (12% vs. 9%).

Sounds bad, right? PwC pegs this "value realization gap" astatine 53%, connected average. And yet...maybe PwC was simply asking the incorrect people. According to the report, "almost fractional of concern leaders (49%) spot the inability to measurement worth arsenic a cardinal obstruction to achieving value, and astir arsenic galore CFOs (48%) accidental they deficiency assurance successful their quality to measurement the instrumentality connected unreality investments."

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There are, however, radical who tin and bash measurement that value, not from spreadsheets but alternatively from nonstop acquisition with the workloads successful question. I bash not successful immoderate mode mean to diminish the relation of the CIO oregon different C-level executives successful unreality decisions–though trends similar unfastened root and unreality were tools developers utilized to way astir cumbersome bureaucracy, the C-suite is progressively paving the mode for developers to physique with unreality assets successful a large way. 

And yet...if you privation "in the trenches" cognition of however unreality (or information center, oregon immoderate IT) is faring for a company, you can't spend to inquire questions astatine a 30,000-foot level and expect to get crushed truth. Even wherever IT decisions are made top-down, it's the bottom-up developer question wherever those decisions go reality. So if you truly privation to cognize however unreality is doing, inquire those closest to its implementation. 

Disclosure: I enactment for AWS, but the views expressed herein are excavation and don't correspond those of my employer.

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