None of What They Say is Outrageous: Joe Rogan Defends Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones

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Joe Rogan happily tells his viewers that helium is not a Republican oregon a Democrat. His favored campaigner during the run-up to the 2020 predetermination was Bernie Sanders.

At the aforesaid time, the fashionable big has platformed galore alt-right figures. This includes aggregate appearances from Alex Jones. And this week, Rogan defended some Jones and Tucker Carlson.

Rogan was critiquing Brian Stelter’s caller comments connected the 2 men. The big began, “Both men were saying things that are logical. They’re some saying … determination was astir apt cause provocateurs that astatine slightest had immoderate portion successful that January 6th penetration of Capitol Hill. Like, that’s not an outrageous happening to say. Just by connecting him to Alex Jones, he’s trying to disregard Tucker Carlson.”

The podcaster continued by discussing Carlson’s spying claims. “None of that is outrageous,” he said. “We cognize from Edward Snowden the NSA has been monitoring emails and everything. So that’s fact. … The thought that they’re not monitoring Alex Jones is insane. Whether oregon not they’re monitoring Tucker Carlson, I don’t know. But we cognize they person the quality to bash so.”

As Jen Psaki precocious explained, the NSA investigates radical they interest are collaborating with overseas powers. Snowden had interactions with some Hong Kong and Russia.

Rogan has a legion of followers and it volition substance to them that helium is supporting Carlson and Jones.

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