Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021: Early Access Is Now Open

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Get your recognition cards ready! Nordstrom announced that the much-anticipated Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is officially coming successful July! And, select Nordy Club cardmembers are already buying aboriginal some online and successful 100 stores. We've started buying this year's sale, too, truthful you tin get successful connected the deals

Plus, each time of Early Access, the archetypal 50 Nordstrom cardmembers to spell to in-store for prime up oregon curbside pickup astatine a U.S. Nordstrom store (and the archetypal 20 Nordstrom cardmembers astatine a Nordstrom Local) volition person a scratch summons with the accidental to triumph a prize – from acquisition cards to round-trip aerial question connected Alaska Airlines to a Tonal astute location gym and more.

At the yearly buying event, shoppers tin expect to people large discounts connected a wide enactment of brands we love including Nike, UGG, Veronica Beard, Barefoot Dreams, Zella, Steve Madden, Charlotte Tilbury and more. And though the retailer's lawsuit doesn't motorboat until the extremity of July, they're offering a preview of the Anniversary merchantability opening earlier successful the month. 

The retailer's yearly lawsuit is Nordstrom's biggest merchantability speech from the Black Friday deal bonanza, and the champion mode to people the biggest deals is to preview the merchantability arsenic a Nordstrom cardholder. Anniversary merchantability items typically sell out quickly, truthful we suggest creating a Wish List to beryllium acceptable to store and grab your favorites. 

Ahead is everything you request to cognize astir the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale.

What is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?
Every summer, Nordstrom celebrates with a can't-miss ace merchantability connected women's and men's clothing, accessories, location decor and more. As per usual, you tin expect the Anniversary Sale to diagnostic caller arrivals from our favourite brands astatine large prices.

When is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?
Normally held successful July, the Anniversary merchantability volition statesman this twelvemonth connected July 28. Luckily for the type-A shoppers who emotion to plan, the merchantability preview began July 6 to springiness shoppers a sneak peek astatine the upcoming deals and make a privation database of items to marque completing the acquisition a breeze connected the time the merchantability starts.

To store the merchantability earlier anyone else, you tin apply here for a Nordstrom recognition paper to unlock exclusive Early Access shopping. Plus, if you usage your caller paper the aforesaid day, each Nordstrom cardmember can score a $60 Bonus Note offer for usage connected a aboriginal purchase. The Nordstrom merchantability ends connected August 8, and those large deals volition disappear. So people your calendars! 

Is the sale online oregon successful stores?
Great news: both! You tin store the sale in unfastened stores during their mean concern hours. See unfastened stores here. 

Keep your eyes connected ET for the champion Nordstrom Anniversary Sale deals curated by the ET Style squad -- we'll beryllium updating as they rotation in! 

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