NRL legend blacklists sacked Dragons star

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NRL fable Cooper Cronk has launched a withering onslaught connected Paul Vaughan, saying that he'd blacklist the sacked Dragons star.

Cronk said that portion Vaughan was definite to prime up different club, helium would conflict to play alongside the repetition offender.

The Dragons sacked Vaughan aft an alleged sexting incident, a biosecurity breach wherever helium visited a cafe during level 4 NRL restrictions, past the already-infamous enactment helium hosted past play during the ongoing lockdown; which directly defied orders from the club's elder officials, including manager Anthony Griffin.

"It's inexcusable, there's nary doubt. If this continues, determination mightiness beryllium immoderate much stories that travel retired successful the adjacent mates of days of what happened," Cronk said connected NRL 360.

Paul Vaughan of the Dragons. (Getty)

"Paul Vaughan is gone, obviously. He ran the gauntlet, got caught. And he'll prime up different nine but it won't beryllium adjacent the magnitude of money.

"As a subordinate that's played the crippled and arsenic a elder subordinate that wants to triumph a competition, I'd conflict to play with Paul Vaughan due to the fact that you privation to triumph comps built connected character, trust, resilience.

"If he's gone against the instrumentality twice, blatantly, you'd conflict to enactment up adjacent to him successful large games.

"There's nary uncertainty that Paul Vaughan is simply a talented shot player, helium helps your squad triumph games and things similar that. But to triumph a comp, it's built connected quality and trust."

Cronk said that helium would springiness different players a walk mark, yet pointed retired that Griffin had already made damning calls.

He pointed to the determination to offload weapon fullback Matt Dufty, contempt him being 1 of the team's champion players. Dufty was reportedly retired the beforehand of Vaughan's location erstwhile constabulary arrived pursuing a sound complaint, moving 5km location to his house.

"I deliberation the 12 different players haven't been trusted for the archetypal time, they didn't motion into a QR codification nether a antithetic sanction past time," Cronk said, referring to Vaughan's cafe breach.

"I deliberation the 2nd onslaught goes heavy against Paul Vaughan but the different guys person immoderate runs connected the board. I deliberation Anthony Griffin has really made decisions astir cleaning retired that quality retired of the Dragons.

"The questions astir Matt Dufty, 1 of the champion players successful our contention but for immoderate crushed he's not being fixed a contract. So Anthony Griffin is making immoderate drastic changes.

"What astir the telephone [to] the different guys and accidental they [police] are coming - helium conscionable took disconnected by himself!"

Cooper Cronk aft winning the 2019 expansive final, his past crippled of rugby league. (Getty)

Vaughan was reportedly offered to the Brisbane Broncos, lone for caller caput of shot Ben Ikin to decline.

The erstwhile Australian Test and NSW Origin prop was contracted with St George Illawarra for $800,000 adjacent season, making his sacking highly costly.

Vaughan was already connected the chemoreceptor with the Dragons, according to The Mole, with a nine insider saying that his cognition had been disappointing. He pointed retired that the 30-year-old had not been portion of St George Illawarra's enactment group, contempt his sizeable experience. An unnamed subordinate besides told The Mole that players who had not attended the enactment were furious with their errant teammates.

Vaughan said that helium was desperate to resume his career with different club.

"I would emotion to proceed playing NRL, whether that beryllium the lawsuit ... I person a burning tendency to not lone amusement I tin proceed connected playing but to beryllium myself and to radical that I'm a bully idiosyncratic and to repay the faith," helium said connected NRL 360.

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