On Anniversary of Insurrection, Biden Calls For Americans to Stand Up to the Lies and Extremism That Led to It

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The state is present 6 months past the insurrection connected the Capitol inspired by the erstwhile administration. And portion Donald Trump is inactive telling anyone who’ll perceive to him that helium won the election, astir different GOP lawmakers person moved on.

The Republicans, though, are moving connected by trying to unreal the insurrection wasn’t each that atrocious and doesn’t request to beryllium investigated. Joe Biden called for unity today, but besides urged Americans to basal up to the elements that led to the insurrection.

The President said successful a statement, “This was not dissent. It was disorder. It posed an existential situation and a trial of whether our ideology could survive—a bittersweet reminder that determination is thing guaranteed astir our democracy.”

Biden continued:

“But portion it shocked and saddened the federation and the world, six months later, we tin accidental unequivocally that ideology did prevail—and that we indispensable each proceed the enactment to support and sphere it.”

“That requires radical of goodwill and courageousness to basal up to the hate, the lies, and the extremism that led to this vicious attack, including determining what happened truthful that we tin retrieve it and not hide it hoping we forget,” Biden continued. “It requires each of america moving unneurotic — Democrats, Republicans, and independents — connected behalf of the communal bully to reconstruct decency, honor, and respect for the regularisation of law.”

While Biden’s remarks are stirring, it is precise apt that they volition autumn connected galore deaf ears. Recent polling shows that GOP voters blasted Biden for the riots successful higher numbers than they blasted Trump.

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