Our Place Summer Sale: Get A Free Spruce Steamer With The Best-Selling Always Pan

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The cookware startup that brought america the all-in-one skillet and Internet sensation Always Pan is having a Summer Sale close now, which means if you've been eyeing the cult-favorite pan but haven’t been capable to bring yourself to marque the purchase, present is the time. Our Place is presently throwing successful a escaped Spruce Steamer with immoderate Always Pan purchase.  

While the Always Pan acts arsenic a fry pan, sauté pan, skillet, and more, the Spruce Steamer expands upon its capabilities, perfect for cheffing up everything from perfectly-cooked food to never-mushy vegetables. It slots close into the Always Pan, sitting snugly connected apical of the spatula and sealing successful steam. 

Our Place besides conscionable dropped its archetypal large motorboat since debuting the best-selling pan, expanding their line-up of room essentials with the Knife Trio and Walnut Cutting Board

Like a basal achromatic tee you tin benignant a cardinal antithetic ways, you tin screen each your slicing needs with conscionable 3 knives. The trio includes the Everyday Chef’s Knife ($70) for sturdy chopping and all-the-time use, a Serrated Slicing Knife ($60) for thing brushed and squishy oregon hard and crusty, and the Precise Paring Knife ($40) for those tinier but precise important tasks. Each weapon comes in shades of the brand's iconic colors to complement your Always Pan and dinnerware — you'll privation to implicit your set ASAP due to the fact that waitlists are notoriously long.

All the knives are made from premium German alloy for easier cuts and diagnostic a grip with a grooved guided grip to amusement you wherever to clasp each knife, according to Our Place. The caller cutting board, which is made from an American achromatic walnut wood, comes equipped with a genius "juice trench" that keeps messes to a minimum by preventing spilling portion chopping. With a wholly level 2nd broadside that was beautifully designed to treble arsenic a serving board, the cutting committee makes a great gift option.

For shoppers connected a budget, and with constricted retention space, less-is-more. So, what are you waiting for? Shop each 3 knives present and save $25 oregon get the Fully Prepped Bundle with the 3 knives and the cutting committee and save $35. And erstwhile you've added your favourite colour to the cart, propulsion immoderate different pieces from Our Place successful determination portion you're astatine it.

Shop beneath for each of ET's picks from Our Place

Our Place Always Pan

Our Place

Get 4 handmade mugs for FREE with immoderate acquisition of an Always Pan, but hurry due to the fact that determination are lone a fewer left.


Our Place Fully Prepped Bundle

Our Place

The Knife Trio positive a Walnut Cutting Board - everything you request to marque prepping easier and much joyful.

$230 (REGULARLY $265)

Our Place Knife Trio

Our Place

Cover each your slicing needs with conscionable 3 knives: Everyday Chef’s Knife, Serrated Slicing Knife and Precise Paring Knife. 

$145 (REGULARLY $170)

Our Place Serrated Slicing Knife

Our Place

A useful sidekick for smoothly slicing done thing brushed and squishy oregon hard and crusty. 


Everyday Chef's Knife

Our Place

Say hullo to ace controlled cuts from this new do-it-all knife. 


Our Place Precise Paring Knife

Our Place

See that small measurement connected the handle? It guides you to clasp your weapon similar a pro. 


Walnut Cutting Board

Our Place

A versatile, no-mess cutting committee that captures each the juices portion you portion and dice. 


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