Pope Francis Eats, Walks Two Days After Surgery

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By Robin Foster
HealthDay Reporter

WEDNESDAY, July 7, 2021 (Healthday News) -- Following large colon country that was performed connected Sunday, Pope Francis ate breakfast, work the newspapers and took a locomotion connected Tuesday, the Vatican said.

"His Holiness Pope Francis rested good during the night," said Vatican spokesperson Matteo Bruni. "The post-operative recovering is regular. Routine power tests are good."

The 84-year-old spiritual person underwent 3 hours of country Sunday for a narrowing of the ample intestine. The Vatican said doctors removed the near broadside of his colon, the Associated Press reported.

The Vatican has shared fewer details astir the pope's diagnosis oregon the process helium underwent, saying lone that helium had entered the infirmary for planned country for diverticular stenosis, oregon a narrowing of the colon. The country mostly involves removing the near broadside of the colon and past joining up the remaining steadfast parts of the ample intestine.

It's a communal occupation that affects astir 80% of radical implicit the property of 80, but country tin go indispensable if the lining of the colon becomes truthful scarred that it is obstructed, Dr. Yann Parc, caput of unit astatine the Saint Antoine Hospital successful Paris, told the AP. Parc was not progressive successful the pope's care.

"It looks similar the pope had this pathology, and understandably the Italian surgeons person removed that portion and stitched it to the rectum to recreate a mean digestive transit," Parc told the ligament service.

Pope Francis has enjoyed reasonably robust wellness during his tenure, though helium mislaid the precocious portion of 1 lung successful his younker owed to an infection. He besides suffers from sciatica, oregon nervus pain, that makes him locomotion with a limp, the AP said.

The pope is expected to enactment successful Rome's Gemelli Polyclinic, which has a peculiar suite reserved for popes, portion helium recovers, the AP said.

Francis' adjacent nationalist quality would usually beryllium this coming Sunday, wherever helium usually appears successful a model overlooking St. Peter's Square, blesses the faithful beneath and speaks for a fewer minutes.

If helium remains hospitalized, Francis mightiness bash what 1 of his predecessors did portion recovering astatine Gemelli. During immoderate of his galore stays there, St. John Paul II sometimes appeared astatine his infirmary country model to question and bless well-wishers gathered outside, the AP reported.

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