Renewed hope on Pucovski's Ashes chances

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There is caller anticipation that Will Pucovski could beryllium acceptable for the commencement of the Ashes bid contempt suffering yet different concussion successful a nett league past week.

The 23-year-old has been concussed up to 10 abstracted occasions, with the latest caput sound sparking concerns astir his semipermanent aboriginal and playing career.

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However, Cricket Victoria wide manager Shaun Graf said the right-hander was "fine", raising hopes that helium could yet beryllium close for the archetypal Ashes Test connected December 8.

"It wasn't a large concussion of immoderate benignant but helium did get a hit, truthful the protocols were enactment successful spot and they bash amusement that helium has a flimsy concussion," helium told SEN Radio.

Will Pucovski watches connected during Victoria's lucifer against South Australia earlier this year. (Getty)

"He feels bully successful himself, helium had immoderate headaches but that seems to person dissipated by now.

"We're precise hopeful by adjacent week oregon truthful that he'll beryllium backmost astatine grooming and distant we go."

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Graf added that different concussion to Pucovski was "definitely not a large setback".

"When helium does bull a knock, helium had a antithetic absorption to a batch of different radical due to the fact that of the magnitude of concussions he's had," helium said.

Pucovski marked his long-awaited Test debut with a half-century against India earlier this twelvemonth (Getty)

"So, we're taking a much blimpish attack to marque definite everything is alright, the past happening we privation to exposure him arsenic we pb into the season."

"I deliberation he'll beryllium fine, we're precise hopeful that he'll inactive beryllium disposable for Victoria's archetypal game, which could beryllium earlier the extremity of the month.

"It's a hold and see, evidently we're guided by aesculapian opinion, but surely from our discussions and the mode our aesculapian unit consciousness is that helium should beryllium hopefully available.

"And if helium is available, helium tin hopefully enactment a large people connected the committee and unit his mode into the [Australian] side."

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