Report: The View Co-Hosts Told Management They Didn’t Want to Work With Meghan McCain Anymore

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Being the token Conservative connected a topical programme isn’t easy. And the occupation became that overmuch harder successful the property of Donald Trump. And portion Meghan McCain is not a Trump fan, she is simply a dyed successful the wool Conservative, truthful she often recovered herself astatine likelihood with her co-hosts.

McCain precocious announced that she volition beryllium leaving The View and volition presumably extremity up determination with a much Conservative bent. And according to a caller report, her feuds with her co-hosts extended disconnected the air.

A root told the New York Post’s Carlos Greer, “Everyone was astatine their wits’ extremity — adjacent Whoopi, and she’s the chillest of them all. Whoopi is ne'er going to advocator for anyone to get fired. She’s not astir that, but she was precise wide that she nary longer wanted to enactment with Meghan.”

Greer besides notes that portion McCain had her fans astatine ABC, caller brag Kim Godwin did not similar her. The portion continues:

“It happened arsenic soon arsenic Kim came in. It was close aft Joy and Meghan’s immense [on-air] stroke up [in May] wherever the web called an exigency meeting. They told caller management, ‘We don’t privation to enactment with her anymore.’ Whoopi was wide that she didn’t privation to enactment with her either. There person been truthful galore well-documented issues, and [Meghan] has not made a bully content connected caller management.”

McCain, the girl of a erstwhile US Senator and an heiress volition astir apt onshore connected her feet. It is yet chartless wherever she whitethorn extremity up next.

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