Ricky claps back at critics after Raiders win

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A defiant Ricky Stuart has travel retired swinging successful defence of his beloved Raiders aft a stirring triumph implicit Manly past night.

Forced to spell done overmuch of the twelvemonth arsenic the NRL's whipping boy, the Raiders breathed beingness backmost into their play with the 30-16 triumph which sees their finals hopes reignited aft climbing to ninth connected the ladder.

Torrid reports of a fractured playing radical amid accusations of bad-blood down closed doors person dogged the Raiders' campaign, with lone 3 wins from the past 12 weeks of footy to show.

But fronting media aft the connection victory, Stuart took a blowtorch to his Raiders' detractors, dispelling immoderate lingering conjecture astir the club's situation.

Ricky Stuart. (Getty)

"You perceive a batch of remark astir our concern astatine the moment, that we're fractured arsenic a group, we've got issues successful the camp... we haven't," Stuart said.

"When you're successful a precise volatile, competitory industry, determination is ever going to beryllium headbutts. I've ne'er coached a shot squad oregon been coached arsenic a subordinate astatine a shot squad wherever determination hasn't been a fewer headbutts passim the year.

"But we're each men and we get connected with it. It is simply a batch antithetic wrong our nine than what the remark is outside.

"I cognize we've been accused of players not putting in, deficiency of effort. That couldn't beryllium immoderate further from the truth.

"You look astatine past week's crippled and we were truly embarrassed. There was effort determination but we were poor, we played poor, we defended precise poorly, and we didn't person immoderate attack. But it wasn't done deficiency of effort, it was done not capable players playing their champion shot connected the aforesaid day.

Canberra manager Ricky Stuart. (Getty)

Stuart conceded helium had experienced immoderate pugnacious face-to-faces this play with cardinal players, but explained they were each with the volition of getting the champion retired of his men.

"There has been immoderate headutts with a mates of players this twelvemonth with myself, but that's maine trying to make an edge, that's maine trying to get that subordinate to play his champion football," helium said.

"That's not maine personally attacking a player.

"The 1 happening I effort truthful hard to bash is to physique a narration with my player. That's what I deliberation I'm bully at, and I won't alteration that.

"Some days you mightiness person a headbutt with your champion mate, but you've got to beryllium large capable to determination on. You beryllium down, sermon it, and determination guardant it.

"It's a pugnacious sport. It's a pugnacious occupation playing and coaching successful the NRL. You've got to beryllium capable grip self-analysis, you've got to beryllium capable to grip disapproval arsenic a manager and arsenic a player, and you determination guardant arsenic a group."

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