Ron Johnson Needs To Go After Getting Caught On Tape Calling Climate Change Bullsh*t

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Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wi) showed wherefore the radical of Wisconsin request to escaped themselves of him by calling clime alteration bullsh*t.

CNN reported:

“I don’t cognize astir you guys, but I deliberation clime alteration is — arsenic Lord Monckton said — bullsh*t,” the Wisconsin Republican said, without uttering the expletive but mouthing it, and referring to British blimpish clime alteration denier Lord Christopher Monckton. “By the way, it is.”

Johnson, a subordinate of the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, continued that “there are much and much scientists” penning books “just laying this to waste” and questioned wherefore the US was focused connected the clime situation astatine all.

Sen. Ron Johnson launders Russian propaganda successful the Senate, defends the home terrorists who attacked the Capitol, and spreads coronavirus conspiracy theories and vaccine misinformation.

Ron Johnson has proven clip and again to beryllium a information to the American radical done his misuse of his Senate platform.

It is absurd for Johnson to contradict clime alteration arsenic the Pacific Northwest was frying with grounds heat, and utmost upwind was spreading each crossed the country. Weather and clime are not the same, but the upwind signifier is grounds that determination is thing incorrect with the climate.

Republicans similar Johnson garbage to judge the subject and are harming the American radical by blocking enactment connected a situation that, with each worsening moment, costs Americans their lives.

Ron Johnson doesn’t beryllium successful the Senate and indispensable beryllium encouraged not to tally for reelection. If helium does run, helium needs to beryllium defeated.

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