Savage Tszyu finished with Aussie fighters

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Tim Tzsyu is apt done with Aussie fighters - the boxing prima is present eyeing planetary opponents and yet a satellite title.

Tszyu delivered a savage third-round TKO of Steve Spark successful Newcastle connected Wednesday night, showing nary mercy to the antheral who astatine the past infinitesimal replaced Michael Zerafa.

The 19-0 (15 KOs) ace welterweight said that helium wouldn't assistance Zerafa different chance aft his daze withdrawal from their combat and was present eyeing disconnected bigger food connected the satellite stage.

Ultimately, helium wants to victor of Jermell Charlo and Brian Castano's satellite rubric unification fight, acceptable for July 17 (July 18 AEST) successful Texas. He said that he'd sent a connection to the champions with his ruthless disposal of Spark.

"[They'll see] danger, due to the fact that I get escaped of my opponents rather aboriginal present and I wounded them. It's a risky combat for them arsenic well," helium said.

"I deliberation Charlo is going to win. Outboxes him. Keeps him astatine distance. Counters him, does elemental boxing, doesn't wounded him oregon anything, conscionable outboxes him."

Tim Tszyu punches Stevie Spark during their combat successful Newcastle. (Getty)

Promoter George Rose said "The large combat that's coming successful 2 weeks is the satellite rubric fight. We're going to beryllium watching Charlo and Castano closely.

"Tim is the No.1 fertile successful the WBO, the triumph contiguous should propulsion him to No.2 successful the different bodies. With that being said, he's the highest-ranked ace welterweight crossed each the large organsations; with that successful caput he's got to beryllium pushing for that satellite title.

"It's a combat the apical guys wouldn't want. Tim's a unsafe guy. We privation that satellite rubric fight. If we don't get that, we'll sound disconnected an international."

A imaginable twist is that Charlo wins and moves up successful weight, perchance vacating the ace welterweight belts.

"I'm not amazed he's reasoning astir doing that. From what helium said successful that interrogation astir Tim, helium knows however unsafe Tim Tszyu is. He doesn't privation to look him and just enough," Rose said.

Rose said that Tszyu whitethorn request to gain mandatory challenger presumption to seal a ace astatine the satellite title. Meanwhile, Tszyu's handlers are eyeing disconnected 3 different imaginable opponents, with the volition to combat them successful Australia.

"We're good heavy into our adjacent fight. We're looking international. It volition beryllium a apical 10, astir apt a apical five," manager Glen Jennings said.

"Quite perchance a erstwhile satellite champ and close present the names connected our database that we're heavy successful with are Liam Smith of the UK, Danny Garcia is present connected our database and Tony Harrison from the USA.

"Matty [Rose, Tszyu's promoter] and I person been going astatine this for a portion present and it's precise close. So we should beryllium assured and I deliberation Georgey would beryllium blessed to accidental that we're trying to get this connected successful Australia successful September.

"It's exciting. It was a spot of milestone for america contiguous due to the fact that technically, we're present done domestically and we're moving connected to the planetary stage. It's a large feeling for each of us."

Tim Tszyu finishes Stevie Spark with a brutal assemblage changeable during their combat successful Newcastle. (Getty)

Tszyu's squad are besides determined to person him situation for the satellite rubric connected location soil, yet said they'd person nary occupation heading to the US if that's however the combat is made.

"That's the extremity is to person a satellite rubric combat here. If that adjacent combat is simply a satellite rubric fight, we privation to bash it successful beforehand of a sold-out Australian crowd," Rose said.

Jennings said of a ngo to America: "We'll go, we've got nary contented with going. It's chiefly driven by COVID and our effect arsenic a squad to COVID.

"No Limit [Rose's promotion company] person been diligent with the information we've not wanted to go. But arsenic I said earlier, we're present flipping a caller leafage and erstwhile we spell international, plans are successful spot for america and we volition beryllium acceptable to battalion our bags and spell if the accidental presents itself successful the adjacent week, the adjacent period oregon the adjacent year.

"But it's besides successful the backmost of our minds and arsenic a radical we've ever said, due to the fact that Timmy has done specified a beauteous occupation successful Australia and the enactment here, we would emotion to beryllium capable to bash that present archetypal and support question arsenic a secondary."

Tszyu destroys Hogan, eyes world stage

Another magnificent anticipation is softly looming, a long-time imagination of Tszyu and his legendary father, erstwhile satellite champion Kostya Tszyu.

Fighting successful the Red Square successful Moscow, Russia. The motherland of the Tszyu family. Unbeaten Russian powerhouse Magomed Kurbanov (22-0, 13 KOs), who bushed Smith by unanimous determination successful his past fight, is simply a imaginable opponent.

"There's been talks astir that," Tszyu said. "Maybe adjacent year.

"I'd emotion to combat successful Russia. I've been warring present my full vocation and I'd emotion to person a combat successful Russia. It's thing that I've ever dreamt about.

"That (Fighting Kurbanov there) beryllium massive. I'm an Aussie until I dice but it's conscionable ever been a imagination of excavation and my dada was ne'er capable to bash it."

Tszyu called retired Kurbanov successful the ringing aft beating Spark.

"There's Liam Smith, Kurbanov and Danny Garcia, they're the 3 boys I'm going for," Tszyu said. "If you're watching boys, I'm coming for you."

Kostya Tszyu celebrates with lad Tim, and his satellite rubric belts, aft beating Jesse James Leija successful 2003. (Getty)

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