Sean Hannity Claims Teachers Will Soon Stop Teaching Math, Science and History and Replace Them With Critical Race Theory

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Last week, it was announced that the United States had added 850,000 caller jobs. This was a continuation of a awesome occupation numbers since Joe Biden has taken implicit the White House. In his abbreviated term, implicit 3 cardinal jobs person been added. Many experts believe that the system volition soon acquisition a boom.

Fox News has nary volition of reporting connected those figures. In fact, the web has focused connected reported occupation shortages successful definite industries. And, of course, the Fox personalities astir ne'er halt talking astir Critical Race Theory.

While CRT is an beforehand people often taught successful colleges and instrumentality schools, Fox has pinpointed it arsenic a blistery fastener issue. They are connected on a ngo to person their viewers that simple schoolhouse students volition beryllium taught astir this beforehand theory.

On Tuesday, Sean Hannity took it arsenic acold arsenic immoderate property has yet. He told his vigor listeners:

“We’re present getting to a constituent of irreconcilable differences. You person Americans that don’t privation the Pledge of Allegiance. They don’t privation the nationalist anthem. They don’t adjacent privation the U.S. flag. They — they privation captious contention theory. That is their fig 1 extremity — not reading, writing, math, science. No, hide that. You know, they — they privation taking a knee. They privation staying successful the locker room. They privation defund the police.”

There person already been viral videos of parents getting arrested aft aggressively protesting against CRT. So arsenic agelong arsenic the prevarication keeps working, Fox volition support pushing it.

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