Sean Hannity: If There is Police Reform, America’s Street “Will Run With Blood”

4 months ago 21
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Following the sidesplitting of George Floyd past summer, determination were calls for much constabulary grooming and reform. The GOP and its media arm, though, decided that immoderate benignant of constabulary betterment amounts to “defunding the police.”

The messaging was rather palmy for the enactment arsenic the fearfulness mongering helped Republicans triumph much location seats than expected contempt losing the White House and the Senate.

And with an uptick successful crime, Conservative media is truly rallying against the thought of constabulary reform. In fact, Sean Hannity told listeners connected Thursday that immoderate benignant of alteration volition effect successful the streets moving with blood.

The Fox big said during his vigor program, “I saw histrion James Woods ripping Biden and Lightfoot saying, ‘As agelong arsenic Democrats proceed to defund the police, America’s streets volition tally with blood.'”

Hannity continued, “I privation helium was wrong. I privation I could knock him and accidental he’s wrong, but I can’t. Because it’s inevitable. A licence to steal, a licence to perpetrate crimes successful New York — nary bail. License to bargain successful San Francisco, processing amerciable immigrants, ignoring the laws of the land. “

Of course, fearfulness mongering is an indispensable portion of not conscionable the Fox brand, but of Republican chances of winning elections. So portion Hannity’s comments look extraordinarily hyperbolic, it is simply a bully preview of what to expect implicit the adjacent 18 months.

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