Selena Gomez's Rainbow Knives From 'Selena + Chef' Are Found on Amazon

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Singer Selena Gomez whitethorn beryllium the prima of her at-home cooking series, Selena + Chef, connected HBO Max, but the existent breakout prima of the amusement is simply a dazzling acceptable of rainbow-colored knives she uses successful the kitchen, which are disposable astatine Amazon close now. The champion part? These celebrity-approved, eye-catching knives are presently connected merchantability for $44 aft the $29 coupon is applied.

The singer, histrion and Rare Beauty founder showcased her colorful knives numerous times during Selena + Chef on HBO Max, -- which conscionable announced its 3rd season. The “premium and oculus catching knives set” from Marco Almond dwell of stainless alloy blades coated successful titanium, which creates the rainbow effect.

Available via Amazon, the Marco Almond Rainbow Titanium Cutlery Knife Set includes 14 pieces: a cook knife, slicing knife, breadstuff knife, Santoku knife, inferior knife, paring knife, six steak knives and all-purpose room shears encased successful a woody butcher block. Plus, they're dishwasher safe.

Marco Almond

Marco Almond Rainbow Knife Set


Marco Almond

$44 (REGULARLY $90)

Selena Gomez successful  'Selena + Chef'


In the archetypal season, chefs Ludo Lefebvre, Antonia Lofaso and Candice Kumai show the vocalist however to navigator unexpected meals. And they, similar us, are impressed by her room tools. 

Chef Ludo Lefebvre has Gomez show with 1 of her knives successful the premiere occurrence of the series. Impressed her knives are up to his standards, Lefebvre says successful astonishment, “Selena, I’ve ne'er seen bluish knives similar that.” 

“I emotion your knives by the way. So cool… They look beautiful,” Kumai tells Gomez, who responds by saying that she’s been getting truthful galore compliments connected them. In different episode, erstwhile asked if she likes Gomez’s set, Lofaso says, “I do. It’s similar a Coachella knife.” 

While speaking with ET, the erstwhile Top Chef contestant explains wherefore the knives caught the attraction of each the impermanent chefs connected the show. “You know, chefs, we similar to poke amusive astatine people. I conscionable don't cognize what it is astir us,” Lofaso says. 

Selena Gomez successful  'Selena + Chef'


She continues by saying, “I can't talk for anyone else, but erstwhile you spot knives that person these striking colors oregon whatever, it ever interests maine due to the fact that it's a room tool. So for us, it's not truly meant to beryllium decorated. It's meant to beryllium thing that we usage precise earnestly and that we usage each the time. So erstwhile we spot bluish knives, I'm like, ‘Wow. Where'd you get that?’ You cognize what I mean?”

Earlier, erstwhile promoting the bid via a virtual presumption for HBO Max, Gomez told reporters that “Ludo made amusive of maine a lot,” portion adding that the amusement is meant to beryllium lighthearted amid everything other going connected successful the existent world. She added that she hopes “this is thing that volition marque radical smile.”

Paired with the teal bluish ergonomic handles, the stylish weapon acceptable is not conscionable a utile tool, it’s besides a portion of decor that brightens up immoderate kitchen. In Gomez’s case, her weapon acceptable pops successful her mostly neutral room design, which shows however clean, sleek and modern her abstraction is. And portion these knives are the kings of the kitchen, they're not the lone covetable room tools connected the show. Below, store different colorful items from Selena's Selena + Chef kitchen.

Mosser Glass 3 Piece Mixing Bowl Set successful  Jadeite


These solid nesting bowls are arsenic utile arsenic they are pretty. Use them to premix ingredients for baking, sauces, oregon simply to devour cereal portion catching up on Selena + Chef.


HOMQUEN Stainless Steel Kitchen Utensil Set - 5


This acceptable of utensils goes close on with the rainbow weapon set. There are 5 tools included are a slotted turner, a crockery ladle, a skimmer, 1 spoon and a pasta server, each successful gorgeous iridescent (and non-stick!) finish. 


Williams Sonoma Classic Logo Towels, Set of 4

Williams Sonoma

Even cleanable up tin beryllium cute with these room towels, disposable lone astatine Williams-Sonoma. 


KitchenAid Artisan 5 Qt. Stand Mixer


Mix it up similar Selena Gomez with this classic Kitchenaid mixer successful an adorable Aqua Sky bluish oregon six different colors.

$430 AT MACY'S


Sur La Table

Chop chop! Hurry and drawback this extremity atom maple chopping artifact cutting board by John Boos & Co. 


Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia Stoneware Salt Cellar


Channel your interior brackish bae. Pick up the brackish cellar, portion of the Hearth & Hand with Magnolia collaboration disposable astatine Target. At this debased price, you could besides drawback its matching capsicum cellar. 


Chantal Sven Enamel connected  Steel Whistling Teakettle, 1.4 quarts, Glossy White


Make the astir stylish cupful of beverage of your beingness utilizing this enamel connected alloy teakettle by Chantal Sven. 


The archetypal 2 seasons of Selena + Chef are present streaming connected HBO Max if you privation to amended your cooking skills. And if you're looking for much room tools, cheque retired our database of kitchen gadgets we recovered connected Tiktok.

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