Sterlo's issue with Walker's 'arrogant' play

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Parramatta fable Peter Sterling admits Sam Walker's astonishment final-minute determination successful the Bulldogs clash was "a astute play", but helium says it's 1 show successful rugby league that doesn't consciousness right.

Walker polarised the rugby league satellite when, arsenic the Roosters led the Bulldogs 22-16 with 21 seconds near connected the timepiece successful Saturday's match, helium received the footy heavy successful Canterbury territory and dashed 85 metres successful the other direction. The teen Roosters halfback yet ran the shot into interaction arsenic the full-time siren rung out, ruling retired immoderate anticipation of a precocious Bulldogs try.

Former Roosters skipper Boyd Cordner shook his caput arsenic helium watched connected from the coaches' box, Balmain fable Garry Jack labelled the determination "a encephalon explosion" and Fox League commentator Andrew Voss went harder, branding the play "arrogant".

Sterling has likened the determination to the infinitesimal Manly superstar Tom Trbojevic stopped successful the in-goal country successful Round 17 and passed the shot to his member Ben, who was yet to people a effort successful the NRL. While the Bunker disallowed the effort owed to an obstruction, Sterling said the show of Trbjoevic trying to acquisition his member his archetypal NRL effort didn't beryllium good with him.

Rookie Roosters halfback Sam Walker. (Getty)

"I'd alternatively beryllium captious of a subordinate for a astute play than a dumb play. That (the Walker move) was a astute play," Sterling said connected Wide World of Sports' The Final Whistle.

"I didn't similar a fewer weeks backmost erstwhile Manly scored, Tom Trbojevic got implicit the enactment and recovered his member and passed the shot to him to enactment it down.

"There are standards successful archetypal people and NRL that you request to conscionable and they don't beryllium comfortably with me.

"I'd hatred to deliberation that erstwhile Ben Trbojevic does look backmost connected his archetypal effort successful archetypal people - and that 1 was called backmost due to the fact that thing happened previously. But that wouldn't beryllium the 1 that you privation to remember, wherever your member conscionable handed it to you and you didn't person to enactment excessively hard.

"That benignant of falls into the aforesaid class (as the Walker one) for me.

"But similar I say, it's hard to beryllium captious of a astute play alternatively of a dumb play - and determination was thing dumb astir that."

Tony Iro pulled a akin instrumentality successful Adelaide Rams colours successful 1998, moving successful the other absorption and crossed the tract to termination the last 40 seconds of a clash with St George.

And arsenic the full-time siren sounded to extremity Game Two of the 2014 State of Origin series, Jarryd Hayne ran the shot dormant and jumped into the crowd.

Jarryd Hayne jumps into the assemblage arsenic the full-time siren rings retired astatine the extremity of State of Origin II, 2014. (Getty)

Voss believes Walker's determination disrespected the last-placed Bulldogs, who fought backmost from 10 points down to fastener scores up astatine 16-all during the 2nd half.

"This is ridiculous! I don't cognize whether Trent Robinson is each that impressed with that," Voss said.

"That is simply a small arrogant, the play to decorativeness the match, taking a small spot of 'you cognize what' retired of the effort that was enactment successful by the 2 sides tonight."

Despite Voss' presumption that Robinson would not similar Walker's antics, the Roosters manager laughed it disconnected successful his post-match property conference.

"Sammy, he's smart. He knows each the clip connected the timepiece ... It's a antithetic play and I deliberation everyone volition person their sentiment connected it," Robinson said with a grin.

"He knows however to negociate everything and he's learning however to play each the pugnacious parts of the crippled and past each the astute parts of the crippled tin travel connected the backmost of that.

"It's astute to negociate the timepiece but it goes against what purists would say.

"But helium took the hazard retired of the past play and finished the crippled off."

Sam Walker of the Roosters. (Getty)

Walker explained the play himself successful a Fox League interrogation moments aft the move.

"I was thinking, 'I'm not going to instrumentality a tract extremity and springiness them different accidental with the footy'," Walker laughed.

"I thought I'd tally the timepiece out."

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