Taylor Swift's merchandise quality and shipping delays spark talk of a boycott among fans

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Taylor Swift fans are known for their unwavering dedication, but recent months have seen complaints about the quality of the pop star's merchandise, with some fans even calling for a boycott.

Swifties are notorious for splurging on their favorite artist. In 2023, Taylor Swift's Eras tour made history by becoming the first concert tour to gross over $1 billion. However, amidst the fanfare, grievances have surfaced on social media regarding the perceived poor quality of her merchandise and prolonged shipping times.

Despite these issues, Swifties have continued to support the star during her Eras tour, which reportedly generated approximately $200 million in merchandise sales over 60 dates, according to Pollstar. Rather than solely attributing the blame to Swift herself, many fans are directing their frustration towards her record label, Universal Music Group (UMG), for the delays and subpar quality.

UMG's Bravado division manages the official store, and on platforms like the r/TaylorSwiftMerch subreddit, fans are encouraging each other to persistently contact the label's customer service regarding undelivered merchandise.

In response to the backlash, a spokesperson for UMG and Bravado issued an apology to customers for shipping delays during the holiday season, reassuring them that outstanding orders should have been fulfilled by now.

However, discontent continues to brew. On the r/SwiftieMerch subreddit, a user lamented waiting three months for a shirt, only to receive it with a stain on the collar. This sparked calls for boycotting the official merchandise, although some defended the brand, suggesting that the stain might have been intentional due to the shirt's distressed design.

Another Redditor shared their disappointment with a $40 "1989" tote bag, revealing that while the design matched the product photos, the texture of the bag differed significantly. They expressed frustration with the declining quality of Swift's merchandise and the hassle of potential returns.

"I understand that the images on the website are merely renders and the actual product may differ slightly, but the bag appears entirely different in terms of shape and texture," remarked one individual in response to the photos.

Others online criticized the tote bag, labeling it as "poor quality" and suggesting it appeared to have been cheaply made, with some speculating it might have cost less than $1 to produce.

A spokesperson from UMG addressed concerns about merchandise quality, stating, "Due to the broad range of products available, we work with multiple manufacturers and suppliers across our artists' stores — serving fans globally." They emphasized their commitment to ensuring all products meet high-quality standards and offered replacements or refunds for any items that fall short.

Commenting on the merchandise, one Redditor likened it to a knock-off item, expressing disappointment and comparing it to something they might expect from a cheaper alternative.

With Taylor Swift preparing to release her next project, "The Tortured Poets Department," fans are apprehensive about the merchandise quality, fearing another letdown with basic offerings.

Captioning an image of "The Tortured Poets Department Collection" featuring the album's cover art, one user expressed concern about potential disappointment, stating, "The merch for the upcoming album 'has the potential to be so cute but knowing Taylor's merch team this is what we'll get."