The Best iPhone 12 Cases Compatible with Apple’s New MagSafe Battery Pack

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By Danica Creahan 3:04 PM PDT, July 21, 2021

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iPhone cases
Ja'Crispy via Getty Images

On Tuesday, Apple released the MagSafe artillery pack-- a caller accessory that utilizes the iPhone 12’s MagSafe exertion to alteration wireless charging. It’s akin to the Apple MagSafe charger, but this $99 artillery battalion is overmuch much portable. It tin connect straight to the backmost of immoderate iPhone 12 oregon iPhone Pro exemplary to wirelessly complaint the phone's battery. But what does that mean for the destiny of your aged telephone case? 

MagSafe-compatible cases are a convenient enactment to support your telephone protected without interfering with the iPhone’s innovation. Despite Apple’s MagSafe artillery battalion conscionable being released, the exertion has been astir agelong capable to found the request for MagSafe-friendly telephone accessories, truthful there’s nary shortage of stylish and convenient cases to take from if you’re looking to marque the leap. Here are 13 of the cutest cases and accessories compatible with Apple’s caller MagSafe artillery pack!

iPhone lawsuit

Apple via Amazon

From Apple’s ain enactment of cases comes the Silicone Case with MagSafe, a soft-to-the-touch, thoroughly tested lawsuit that is definite to enactment seamlessly with your caller MagSafe artillery pack. Available successful a myriad of chic colors, this lawsuit is surely a harmless and stylish choice. 


leather iPhone case

Apple via Amazon

The Leather Case with MagSafe boasts each of the benefits of the Silicone case, lone with a high-quality, supple leather ammunition that volition make a earthy patina implicit time. Apple does pass that the usage of MagSafe accessories with this lawsuit tin origin long-lasting imprints connected the leather implicit time.


Strawberries lawsuit  by Bodil Jane


This MagSafe-compatible lawsuit from Casetify comes successful a wide array of perfectly adorable designs by Casetify artists. The MagSafe compatible mentation of this lawsuit tin beryllium purchased with “strong” oregon “ultra” extortion features, and is made with sustainable materials.


less is much  lawsuit


Looking for a lawsuit that’s compatible with MagSafe and your backmost pocket? This bladed lawsuit from Moment mightiness beryllium for you. The lawsuit has a super-thin, brushed assemblage and a wrist strap transportation connected the bottom. Beyond its compatibility with the Apple MagSafe artillery pack, this lawsuit works with Moment’s enactment of MagSafe tripods and mounts, truthful you’ll person plentifulness of accessory options for your case.  


Symmetry Series Case


The Symmetry Series lawsuit from OtterBox is designed for minimal bulk portion inactive providing important protection. The lawsuit is integrated with an antimicrobial additive that protects it against communal bacteria to assistance you enactment healthy, and tin travel connected and disconnected your telephone with small hassle, truthful you tin get aggregate and premix and lucifer the colors. 


Mother of pearl telephone  case


This stunning lawsuit from Sonix is besides injected with an antimicrobial cause to assistance support your hands betwixt washes, and has the added bonus of being eco-friendly and biodegradable! Protect the satellite and your iPhone with this genuinely beauteous case.


The Match case


Craving the aesthetically pleasing look of a wide lawsuit connected your phone? The Match lawsuit from Sonix comes with each the benefits of a emblematic Sonix case-- antimicrobial and biodegradable, but this wide lawsuit is designed to sleekly framework the MagSafe silhouette with a metallic ribbon design.


Defender Series Case

OtterBox via Amazon

The Defender Series Case from OtterBox is adventure-ready with its multi-layer extortion and larboard covers. This lawsuit tin support your telephone successful immoderate terrain and from superior falls, and is MagSafe compatible. The holster tin besides treble arsenic a convenient kickstand.


Wooden MagSafe Case


Despite looking similar thing you’d find successful the forest, this woody lawsuit from Oakywood is compatible with each the latest MagSafe accessories. The lawsuit is crafted with a operation of existent walnut wood and polycarbonate to support your telephone portion besides looking people fashionable.


Disc Case


The Disc Case from Nimble is the world’s lone iPhone lawsuit made from 100% recycled compact discs. This cute, eco-friendly lawsuit has scratch resistant and anti-yellowing coating, and comes with antimicrobial protection. It’s besides driblet trial certified up to 6 feet! Every Disc Case acquisition made comes with a escaped shipping statement to nonstop backmost immoderate utilized integrative lawsuit to beryllium recycled. 


PopGrip for MagSafe


The PopGrip from PopSockets is compatible with MagSafe technology, meaning it volition play bully with immoderate of the cases successful this list. The PopGrip is easy removable erstwhile it’s clip to complaint your phone, either wirelessly oregon with the MagSafe charger. 


leather wallet

Apple via Amazon

Missing the easiness of a telephone lawsuit wallet? The Leather Wallet with MagSafe from Apple tin hole that. It features beardown built-in magnets that let it to conveniently link close to the backmost of your iPhone oregon immoderate MagSafe affable case. The wallet tin clasp up to 3 cards and is shielded to support them safe.



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