The Linux Foundation gets into game development with new Open 3D Foundation

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With a caller open-source mentation of Amazon's Lumberyard crippled engine, the Open 3D Foundation hopes to beryllium a assets for 3D crippled developers disquieted astir commercialized licence constraints.


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The Linux Foundation has announced a caller task that 3D crippled developers are definite to beryllium funny in. Called the Open 3D Foundation, the task is launching with the caller Open 3D Engine (O3DE), a caller mentation of Amazon's Lumberyard crippled motor contributed by Amazon Web Services.

With much than 20 founding partners, including Adobe, Huawei and Niantic, the purpose of the Open 3D motor is to "enable developers and contented creators to physique 3D experiences unencumbered by commercialized terms," The Linux Foundation said successful a property release. 

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3D engines are the instauration of some modern games and simulation bundle utilized successful different industries. AWS' publication of O3DE means that developers volition present beryllium capable to trust connected an open-source community, unfastened repositories, developer events, forums and "a caller ecosystem for developers and contented creators to build, stock and administer immersive 3D worlds," The Linux Foundation said. 

"The caller Open 3D Foundation yet gives gaming and motor developers an accidental to power the absorption of a large AAA people 3D motor that is sustained for the agelong word by a worldwide unfastened root community," said Chris Aniszczyk, CTO, Linux Foundation. Industries including healthcare, automotive and others who request 3D simulations volition besides benefit, Aniszczyk said. 

The Open 3D Engine has features that marque it susceptible of processing AAA products, including multi-threaded photorealistic rendering, an extensible 3D contented editor, data-driven animation, node-based ocular scripting and component-based architecture. O3DE is besides susceptible of interpreting codification written successful C++, LUA and Python.

"We're arrogant to connection the 3D improvement assemblage an unencumbered, AAA-capable, real-time 3D motor with 1 of the broadest arrays of integrated 3D authoring tools successful the industry… we judge [an] open-source enactment volition revolutionize real-time 3D development, arsenic Linux did for operating systems and Apache did for the web," said AWS VP of Engineering Bill Vass. 

The Open 3D Foundation volition beryllium divided into involvement groups specializing successful the assorted elements it takes to host, run and codification successful O3DE, including the building/development pipeline, simulation engine, networking and cloud, presentation, documentation, security, contented instauration and more. 

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Those funny successful investigating retired the Open 3D Engine tin find the developer preview connected GitHub starting today. The O3DE assemblage is hosting an O3DECon connected Oct. 12, 2021, and O3DE is hosting a panel astatine the 2021 Game Developer Conference connected July 22. Developers and organizations that privation to larn much tin find the Open 3D Foundation connected the web.

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