The Republican Party Is Literally Shrinking And Dying Right Before Our Eyes

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A caller investigation of elector record accusation recovered that the Republican Party’s backbone is radical implicit 75, and that radical is becoming a smaller stock of the electorate.

The Week reported, “But Pew besides broke the survey down into not conscionable property groups but generational cohorts. And it’s present wherever you’ll find the astir terrifying accusation for the GOP. According to Pew, Trump won a decisive bulk lone with members of the “Silent Generation,” those calved betwixt 1928 and 1945 (and the highly tiny fig of surviving radical older than that). Trump dominated that cohort by 16 points, 58-42. That means that the lone reliably Republican elector bloc volition shrink considerably betwixt present and 2024, and that 65- to 74-year-olds indispensable person been a overmuch much blue-leaning radical successful 2020 to nutrient Trump’s comparatively constrictive 4-point borderline with each over-65s.”

These numbers suggest that the Republican basal volition proceed to get smaller, arsenic younger and much Democratic voters instrumentality up a larger stock of the electorate.

Given this context, the Republican Party has opted for a strategy of making the electorate arsenic tiny arsenic possible. The lone mode that they tin triumph elections, adjacent portion the backbone of their enactment is expiring, is to marque definite that arsenic galore radical arsenic imaginable can’t ballot and enactment successful elections.

Republicans had a prime aft they mislaid successful 2020. They could person opted to reassess their tactics and tried to rebrand themselves to entreaty to younger voters, oregon they could tally it each backmost with an adjacent older and defeated Donald Trump, who is young elector repellent successful quality form.

They person chosen elector suppression and Trump.

The timepiece is ticking connected the Republican Party. They are warring a conflict that they person already lost. The enactment isn’t conscionable getting smaller, it is virtually dying earlier our eyes.

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