'The White Lotus' unpacks the staff-guest divide through the window of a luxury resort

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Jolene Purdy and Murray Bartlett successful  "The White Lotus."

(CNN)If you're itching for a tropical vacation, "The White Lotus" mightiness chill those jets. The latest merchandise from the acheronian and twisty caput of Mike White ("Enlightened") deals with people successful a mode fewer caller TV productions have, successful an edgy, engrossing six-part HBO constricted bid that follows aggregate stories successful a benignant of modern "Upstairs, Downstairs" fashion.

The elemental set-up involves a vessel of luxury travelers arriving astatine an exclusive Hawaiian resort, wherever the eager-to-please unit waits to greet them.

But "Fantasy Island" this isn't; rather, the guests crook to beryllium an particularly high-maintenance bunch, successful ways that situation the hotel's manager, Armond ("Looking's" Murray Bartlett, a peculiar standout among a terrific cast), who counsels employees astir creating "an wide content of vagueness" and the request to dainty the patrons "like delicate children."

    The passengers that get by vessel see a brace of newlyweds (Jake Lacy, Alexandra Daddario), with the woman gradually discovering that her hubby mightiness not beryllium what she expected arsenic helium obsesses implicit having been denied the honeymoon suite; an insecure pistillate (Jennifer Coolidge) who has travel to scatter her domineering mother's ashes; and a household headed by Connie Britton and Steve Zahn, whose cynical, detached girl ("Euphoria's" Sydney Sweeney) has brought on a person (Brittany O'Grady) who doesn't stock their values -- oregon their elevated taxation bracket.

      "We're conscionable doing witchcraft," the daughter, who perpetually exhibits hostility toward her parents' privilege, sneers arsenic she seeks to deflect attraction erstwhile the young women are caught smoking pot, contained successful a backpack filled with drugs that becomes a important crippled point.

      Despite the assertion that each the guests are "crazy," the unit begins to interact with this batch successful progressively uncomfortable ways. Coolidge's Tanya, for example, seeks to befriend spa manager Belinda ("Insecure's" Natasha Rothwell), who is understandably reluctant to get excessively adjacent but intrigued erstwhile Tanya floats the anticipation of utilizing her luck to underwrite Belinda successful a caller concern venture.

      Armond, meanwhile, becomes truthful agitated implicit the newlywed's relentless nagging -- and throwing his family's value astir -- that he's successful information of letting his cautiously starched defender down, which besides poses a trial for his sobriety.

      White wrote and directed each six episodes, and the bid keeps introducing crises and points of friction betwixt the servers and served successful disarming ways -- immoderate of them, it should beryllium noted, rather crude and explicit.

      The amusement besides luxuriates successful the Hawaiian ambiance -- buoyed by an almost-hypnotic philharmonic people -- portion ne'er veering acold from the powerfulness disparity betwixt those staying astatine the edifice and those tasked with fulfilling their requests, smiles plastered crossed their faces nary substance however unreasonable the demands.

      White uses a acquainted instrumentality astatine the outset to make a consciousness of foreboding astir what mightiness hap and to whom. And portion the finale doesn't wholly instrumentality the landing, it's hardly a disappointment either.

      What truly defines "The White Lotus" is the addictive mode each communicative builds, exposing quality quirks, doubts and secrets on the way.

      "I conscionable request idiosyncratic successful my beingness to respect me," Zahn's quality muses, good alert that his wife's occurrence is the main root of their generous abrogation budget.

        "The White Lotus" features the benignant of radical you'd beryllium omniscient not to onslaught up a speech with astatine a edifice pool. Yet if that's not the summons for a fun-in-the-sun romp, successful presumption of drafting the assemblage into its starkly divided world, it deserves respect and past some.

        "The White Lotus" premieres July 11 astatine 9 p.m. ET connected HBO, which, similar CNN, is simply a portion of WarnerMedia.

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