Tigers icon left speechless by club's struggles

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Balmain Tigers fable Benny Elias says watching the Wests Tigers "kills [him] each weekend" amid the team's shocking signifier this season.

Elias' beloved squad was blitzed 38-22 by the Rabbitohs successful Round 16, with the dismal show causing league large Andrew Johns to telephone the lucifer a "training gallop" for South Sydney.

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The woeful outing against South Sydney continued what has turned into a fearfulness play for Michael Maguire's men, who presently beryllium 14th connected the ladder with conscionable 10 points.

Elias, who played successful 234 games for Balmain betwixt 1982 and 1994, declared that helium could not carnivore to ticker the squad anymore.

The Wests Tigers person endured a play from hellhole truthful acold this twelvemonth (Getty)

"It's going from atrocious to worse," helium told 2GB's Wide World of Sports Radio.

"You deliberation this week we're going to travel bully and we're going to crook things around, but there's a batch of things you've got to look astatine and it's conscionable been very, precise frustrating. It kills maine each play watching this side.

"I cognize that Madge puts his full bosom in, it's conscionable 1 of those positions astatine the infinitesimal wherever I've got nary answers. You conscionable shingle your head."

Maguire has tried mightily to alteration some the results and civilization astatine the nine but arsenic yet, has been unsuccessful.

Wests Tigers manager Michael Maguire has struggled to find the close buttons to property to spark his squad (Getty)

2005 premiership-winning manager Tim Sheens has returned to the fold to assistance the struggling club, and league large Peter Sterling suggested that helium could assistance Maguire.

"It ever stops with the [coach]. The circuit breaker mightiness beryllium Tim Sheens, mightiness beryllium his introduction," Sterling said. "Another voice, different sounding committee for Michael Maguire.

"Tim I don't deliberation has aspirations to beryllium a caput manager but helium tin beryllium idiosyncratic - with his experience, he's a premiership victor aggregate times, been astir the crippled everlastingly - mightiness conscionable beryllium idiosyncratic who tin travel successful and assistance Madge successful definite areas to gets Wests Tigers connected the close course, due to the fact that they're each implicit the spot astatine the infinitesimal and no, I haven't seen betterment successful them.

"They won't play finals shot and that drought is getting longer and longer."

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