Tinx Talks Kardashians, Explains Her Famous Dating Theories and How She Became TikTok's Big Sister (Exclusive)

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Meet the latest one-name endowment to captivate the hearts of millions astir the world: Tinx!

Christina "Tinx" Najjar is simply a 30-year-old societal media phenom who achieved net superstardom successful conscionable nether a year. How? It’s each acknowledgment to her caller perspective, relatable charm and quick-witted consciousness of wit seen successful videos crossed her TikTok and Instagram accounts -- which has earned her the affectionate nickname of “TikTok's big sister.”

“It's incredible. It's honestly specified an honor,” Tinx, a Stanford graduate, gushes to ET arsenic her look lights up erstwhile asked however that rubric feels. “I ever wanted a large sister myself, truthful the information that radical are calling maine their large sister, I'm honored and it feels great. And I emotion it. I bash consciousness similar they're each my small sisters retired there. My ma ever jokes, she's like, ‘I consciousness similar you're the president of this truly large imaginary sorority.’ And I'm like, ‘Yeah, benignant of!’”

Chances are, you’ve seen a video oregon 2 of Tinx before, diving into her fascination with “rich ma culture” by creating “starter packs” for moms surviving successful antithetic cities. Or possibly you’ve seen immoderate of the different niche contented she shares, tackling the signature tenets of “Tinx culture,” which includes lighter fare similar Botox, dating woes, spicy margaritas, rotisserie chicken, the Kardashians and traveling. But that’s not each -- Tinx gracefully strikes a equilibrium by sharing her insight, contented and idiosyncratic acquisition with topics that galore conflict with: anxiety, assemblage image, sex-positivity and the value of ever being benignant to yourself and others. Regardless of the taxable oregon tone, Tinx’s beardown consciousness of authenticity shines done successful each video, which successful turn, arsenic of May 2021, has amassed her over 1.2 cardinal loyal followers connected TikTok alone. 

Tinx joins ET for a wide-ranging interrogation via Zoom connected a Thursday from her LA home. The American-born and British-raised prima looks effortlessly chic successful a royal bluish sleeveless collared apical with her hairsbreadth neatly pulled back, accented by her dainty jewelry and beauteous smile. She answers each question with a definite bright-eyed zeal, starting with the opening of her travel into societal media, which began successful May 2020.

“I ever archer my followers, ‘If you haven't recovered your happening yet and you're successful your young twenties, don't worry. I'm 30 now. I recovered my passionateness erstwhile I was 29,’” she shares. “Like truthful galore people, I downloaded TikTok successful quarantine, and earlier that, I was a writer and I ne'er thought of myself arsenic an on-camera person, but I was like, ‘You cognize what? I'm loving TikTok. I mightiness arsenic good effort to marque immoderate things and marque a fewer videos.’ And arsenic soon arsenic I made my archetypal video, I knew that that is what I was expected to bash for the remainder of my life.’”

While galore creators often marque videos with a extremity of being capable to bash it afloat time, Tinx says that thought ne'er crossed her mind. “I deliberation that was a large concealed to wherefore it felt truthful natural, is that I had nary expectations. I was making contented that I wanted to spot and it resonated with radical and I consciousness truthful grateful for that and it's been a truly chaotic twelvemonth ever since.”

Tinx recalls the TikTok assemblage being “very welcoming” from the get-go, and explains wherefore she chose that level specifically to location her videos. “There's a debased obstruction to entry. So TikTok is little astir looking cleanable and getting the cleanable changeable and having your hairsbreadth look great. It's much astir your idea. It's much about, ‘Is your video funny? Is your video informative? Are you being real? Are you being authentic?’ And I deliberation that's wherefore I thought, ‘I tin springiness this a go.’ And I virtually started [making videos] successful hoodies and I would adjacent deterioration sunglasses sometimes due to the fact that I was like, ‘I don't care,’ and I consciousness the absorption to radical connected TikTok, they don't caput that I look similar a mess. They're conscionable funny successful my blistery instrumentality connected the latest [Keeping Up With the Kardashians] occurrence oregon my reappraisal of a definite quality product.” She concludes her thought connected a self-deprecating note, exclaiming, “Thank God, due to the fact that if I had built my level connected looks, I mean, I get dressed up for my friends’ weddings, but different than that, it's workout cogwheel and shorts!”

Every palmy creator has a infinitesimal wherever a azygous video takes disconnected successful a unsocial and peculiar way, and lets them cognize they’re onto something. For Tinx, that video came astatine the intersection of her Kardashian obsession and passionateness for a delicious salad.

“One of my precise archetypal viral videos was, it was inactive successful quarantine, and I decided to thrust to the [San Fernando] Valley to effort the Kardashian salad,” she recalls of her acquisition driving to Health Nut, the edifice that makes the salads served successful wide integrative bowls often seen connected the celebrated family’s erstwhile E! world series. “Health Nut is my favorite, ohio my gosh, I'm obsessed with it,” she continues, earlier adding, “I thought, ‘There's nary mode that radical would attraction astir this, but I attraction astir it, and I ever archer contented creators starting out, ‘Make the contented that you privation to see.’ And I was like, ‘Well, I really bash attraction astir the crockery that they ever eat, truthful I'm going to spell cheque it out.’ So I drove and I made a comic video connected it. Not a superior one, a comic one, and it truly resonated with people. That's erstwhile I benignant of realized, ‘Wow, I unrecorded successful LA and I person entree to these things that everybody mightiness not person and I tin archer radical what they're truly similar and I tin springiness my acquisition connected it… I emotion being the spokesperson for each these radical who person the aforesaid questions and curiosities astir LA and celebrities that I have, and I tin beryllium the middleman.”

Specificity, similar chasing a peculiar crockery consumed by the Kardashians, is simply a cardinal constituent of Tinx’s success. Why? Tinx says beingness is excessively abbreviated to walk your clip oregon wealth connected thing that is simply sub-par, truthful you request to beryllium circumstantial with your choices to guarantee enjoyment.

“Everything that I bash is precise circumstantial due to the fact that I deliberation if you archer someone, ‘Oh, spell to this restaurant,’ that's great. But if you archer them, ‘You've got to spell connected a Wednesday due to the fact that that's erstwhile this nonstop pastry cook is moving and you’ve got to bid this nonstop meal and marque definite you halt to get a java present after.’ That's worthy its value successful gold.” As a result, her detail-oriented quality earned her a assortment of paper items named successful her honor: a vessel astatine Chipotle, smoothie astatine Erewhon and a sundae astatine LA hotspot Craig’s.

Not lone are brands noticing Tinx, but celebrities are too. Among her followers connected Instagram are Chrissy Teigen, Miranda Kerr, Kelly Osbourne, Sophia Bush and Gwyneth Paltrow, the past of which she says she’s personally connected with.

“Gwyneth Paltrow is simply a immense inspiration to me. She DM’ed maine and said she'd seen my affluent ma videos and I was conscionable like, ‘Oh my God!’ I'm manifesting [a collaboration together]. I'm conscionable going to support working. She's the patron saint of affluent moms, truthful I consciousness similar I could truly larn a batch from her.”

Tinx has besides recovered herself connected the receiving extremity of coveted personage PR packages, including galore from the Kardashian-Jenner family. The Washington DC autochthonal tells ET it each started, naturally, with a video. Around Valentine’s Day, Tinx noticed galore influencers having amusive connected societal media, utilizing a tiny hammer to ace unfastened a cocoa bosom containing Kim Kardashian’s latest perfume. While galore onlookers whitethorn person been funny for a reappraisal connected the perfume’s aroma, Tinx was fixated connected thing else, truthful she made a video astir it.

“I was lying successful furniture and I was connected Instagram and I was seeing each the influencers get the cocoa container that Kim sends retired for the perfume. And I was like, ‘God, I wonderment what it tastes like.’ So then, I woke up successful the mediate of the nighttime and I conscionable made a TikTok astir it. The adjacent morning, I woke up and the TikTok had gone viral and I had a DM from Kim's squad being like, ‘We privation to nonstop you the box,’” she shares. “What I effort to bash is not conscionable bash the unboxing, but bash the unboxing that each miss retired determination would do. Most radical would instrumentality a wound of the fricking chocolate, and it was delicious! She works with this fancy chocolatier, and it was the champion cocoa that I've ever had. I inactive person immoderate successful my freezer. Saving it!”

As for Kim’s younger sister, Kendall Jenner, she’s besides taken announcement of Tinx’s influence. Not lone did the 25-year-old supermodel nonstop Tinx respective bottles from her 818 Tequila line, but she took it a measurement further and invited her to a backstage solemnisation successful Malibu. “I chatted concisely with her,” Tinx dishes connected her clip with Kendall astatine the soiree. “She is adjacent much stunning successful person, was specified a bully girl, and it was brainsick to beryllium astatine that party. I mean, it's truthful insane. I deliberation I started blabbing astir my breakup and she was like, ‘I'm truly sorry.’ She was truthful saccharine to me.”

The breakup that Tinx is referring to came unexpectedly successful precocious June erstwhile she emotionally addressed her followers successful a tearful video, revealing she had received “a horrible message” that near her feeling “sad beyond words” with her “heart successful breached two.” While Tinx ne'er shared her beau’s individuality retired of respect to his privacy, she lovingly nicknamed him "Young Gemini" or "YG" (not the rapper) for short, and would often station astir their romance and assorted outings together. 

She explains, “I had invited my followers into my beingness and I had go truthful happy. I wholly fell caput implicit heels, and I'm blessed that I showed that, and I'm blessed that I was vulnerable. You cognize what, arsenic soon arsenic [the breakup] happened, I thought, ‘I person this accidental to truly signifier what I preach.’ I'm successful this authorities of aggravated symptom and thing atrocious happened, but I tin signifier what I preach and archer [my followers], ‘I'm not embarrassed. I don't regret anything. I consciousness grateful for however blessed I was and however it reminded maine however overmuch I emotion and however profoundly I love.’ And now, I person this accidental to amusement followers however you amusement up. Your quality is not who you are connected the champion time of your life, your quality is who you are and however you amusement up successful the look of adversity,” she states, poignantly.   

Tinx takes a infinitesimal to amusement emotion to her online community, who she says boosted her up during an different trying time. She is assured erstwhile she says she’s “made peace” with the ending of her latest relationship. “I moved on, and it's clip for the adjacent chapter… You person to absorption connected what you deserve. I cognize my worth, and I cognize however I merit to beryllium treated.” 

The media maven confirms she has started dating again, but explains she’s “slowly submerging -- it’s not a dive in, it’s a wade in.” Several fans person suggested she’d marque a large brace with DJ/ shaper Diplo, whom Tinx has agelong been a instrumentality of earlier they yet connected done societal media. In fact, the brace precocious shared videos to their Instagram stories hanging retired unneurotic portion they were some visiting Las Vegas.

“He's truthful sweet. Diplo and I are friends,” Tinx shares, mounting the grounds straight. “Just friends. He's a large guy. I emotion his music, I truly americium his biggest instrumentality and I ran into him successful Vegas conscionable by accidental and destiny brought america together. So we had a truly amusive clip moving astir Vegas for a night, but he's precise sweet.” As for whether the instrumentalist has a accidental astatine dating Tinx? She smiles and playfully replies, “God, I don't know. I mightiness friendzone him, honestly. I can't tell, but maybe, ne'er accidental never!”

Fans person besides thrown Tinx’s sanction successful the chapeau to go the adjacent Bachelorette, but the 30-year-old funnygal has 1 circumstantial qualm: “I deliberation I curse excessively overmuch to beryllium on The Bachelorette, similar each different word!” She past adds, “That is simply a remark that I get rather a lot. I don't cognize if I would bash that. Again, I ne'er accidental never, we program and God laughs, truthful I'm open.” 

Dating aside, Tinx is booked, engaged and laser-focused connected her rapidly-soaring career. Among the galore items connected her to-do list, she says she’s moving connected trademarking a assortment of mantras and theories she’s created, which relation arsenic yet different beardown pillar of her platform. Her favourite mantras to unrecorded by see sayings like, “Comparison is the thief of joy” and “Men ever travel backmost oregon their lives get worse.” She’s besides conceptualized Box Theory, Reverse Box Theory, Ick Lists and Planning a (metaphorical) Funeral. You tin ticker Tinx explicate them successful item by watching the video above. 

You tin besides number connected Tinx to grow her empire by moving into assorted forms of media, telling ET she’s funny successful “[Podcasting], radio, hosting -- I privation to effort it all, I truly do.” As an avid user who is regularly seen wearing a assortment of chic sports bras, leggings and loungewear, Tinx besides says she has a extremity of starting her ain merch oregon athleisure line. But connected a much idiosyncratic note, the savvy creator insists her eventual extremity is connection, arsenic she continues to nurture and fortify the enslaved with her audience.

“I consciousness this unthinkable transportation to each my followers and I ever accidental to them, ‘I privation to turn up with them, I privation to bash everything with them, I privation to larn with them and turn with them, I privation them to larn from my mistakes and I person followers of each ages and I privation to turn up with them.’ So I would say, I privation to proceed to talk to them directly, the ways successful which I bash that and the places that I bash that, I anticipation that they turn and are bigger and bigger, but that's the goal. That's what ever brings maine backmost to center, that's my North Star and I privation to person amusive and marque amusive contented and marque radical laugh. I ever privation to permission radical successful a amended temper than I recovered them, whether that's giving them advice, making them laugh, giving them a large merchandise proposal oregon encouraging them to spell person a margarita.”

Cheers to that, Tinx!


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