Top programming languages: C and Java remain tops as Python surges

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The TIOBE scale celebrates its 20th day arsenic contention heats up astatine the apical of the rankings.


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Each month, TIOBE releases its apical programming languages rankings and the latest installment marks an important milestone for the index. The July rankings diagnostic a fewer humanities similarities and a fig of shake-ups arsenic languages descent and emergence crossed the apical 50.

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"The TIOBE scale is celebrating its 20th day this month. Back successful 2001, the archetypal TIOBE scale was published arsenic a idiosyncratic hobby task to spot what languages were successful demand. The apical 3 of the archetypal TIOBE scale were Java, C, and C++. Today's communicative looks strikingly similar," said Paul Jansen CEO TIOBE Software successful a blog post.

The apical of the rankings features a choky contention with slims margins separating C, Java and Python.

"It is absorbing to spot that these 3 languages are getting person than ever before. The quality betwixt presumption 1 and presumption 3 is lone 0.67%. This means that the adjacent fewer months volition beryllium exciting," Jansen said.

Overall, C claims the apical spot with an 11.62% rating, representing a 4.83% alteration since July 2020. Runner-up Java has an 11.17% standing successful the latest rankings, down 3.93% successful the past year. With a 10.95% rating, No. 3 Python saw a 1.86% standing alteration successful the past year; the largest summation successful the apical 20.

"What connection is going to triumph this battle? Python seems to person the champion chances to go fig 1, acknowledgment to its marketplace enactment successful the booming tract of information mining and artificial intelligence," Jansen said.

With ratings of 8.01% and 4.83%, respectively, C++ and C# circular retired the apical five. Interestingly, the latest apical 7 programming languages are identical to the July 2020 ratings. This month, Visual Basic claimed the sixth spot with a 4.50% standing and JavaScript (2.71%) ranked seventh.

Compared to June 2020, the archetypal shake-ups successful the rankings hap with No. 8 PHP, which has jumped 1 spot successful the past year. In the latest ranking, No. 9 Assembly connection boasts a 2.40% rating, jumping 4 spots since July 2020. With a 1.53% rating, SQL rounds retired the apical 10, jumping 1 spot from its presumption successful the July 2020 index.

Surging and slipping programming languages

The scale besides illustrates a fig of marked leaps and slides among the apical programming languages. For example, No 11. Classic Visual Basic roseate 9 spots since the July 2020 ratings. During this clip period, No. 12 R slid 4 positions and No. 14 Fortran surged 36 spots.

Year implicit year, No. 15 Groovy jumped 9 spots, No. 16 Swift dropped six positions. Since July 2020, No. 18 Perl and No. 19 MATLAB person dropped 4 positions, respectively. Jumping 10 spots since the July 2020 index, Delphi/Object Pascal rounds retired the apical 20.

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TIOBE uses a fig of metrics including searches connected Bing, Amazon, YouTube, Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo and Baidu to find these monthly rankings. Feel escaped to peruse the full scale connected the TIOBE website.

Those truthful inclined tin peruse the afloat apical 50 rankings and year-over-year changes here.

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