Tszyu opponent crows over Zerafa's absence

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Steve Spark volition clasp a flimsy value vantage implicit Tim Tszyu successful Newcastle time nighttime as some fighters deed the scales up of their bout for the WBO Global and vacant Commonwealth ace welterweight title.

Spark goes into Wednesday night's clash a immense underdog having taken the combat connected precocious notice pursuing Michael Zerafa's exit from the lawsuit citing concerns implicit COVID.

Spark has had a whirlwind week ever since the withdrawal and if helium tin propulsion disconnected an improbable triumph the concatenation of events wouldn't look retired of spot successful a movie script.

The Queenslander weighed successful 69.66kg for the combat portion the undefeated Tszyu came successful astatine 69.34 astatine the authoritative weigh-in today.

Tszyu and Spark shared a handshake and a mates of laughs aft the customary face-off but Tszyu was wide erstwhile asked however Spark's "Rocky story" volition conclude.

"Tomorrow nighttime it ends. There's lone 1 mode (it's going to end). Everyone knows it. I cognize it, and adjacent helium knows it," helium said.

"(We're) ever good prepared. I unrecorded by this sport. I've been surviving by this athletics my full life. I lone cognize 1 happening is to bid hard and combat adjacent harder."

Tszyu's acold effect to Zerafa successful lockdown

Spark, meanwhile, said helium was grateful for each the enactment helium has received aft securing the biggest combat of his career.

"It's been fantastic. I can't convey everyone enough. I'm going to marque everyone arrogant and triumph this combat time night," helium said.

"I'm coming for warfare tomorrow. I'm coming to instrumentality Tim retired tomorrow. It's each concern now."

While overmuch displeasure has been expressed implicit Zerafa's determination to propulsion retired of the heavy anticipated bout, the unpopular telephone has fixed Spark a immense opportunity. Even though the media, legends of the sport, fans, promoters and broadcasters heavy criticised Zerafa for not showing up for the fight, Spark can't fell his delight.

"I'm truthful gladsome Michael Zerafa pulled out, arsenic overmuch arsenic everyone is bashing him I'm gladsome helium did," helium said astatine yesterday's property conference. "Thank you Michael Zerafa, it's been great, you've acceptable maine up mate."

"I've been dreaming astir this. I've ever had an inkling I'd combat Tim, it's possibly destiny however it's each fallen into spot but I've ever felt it would happen.

"I'm looking to origin the biggest upset here, this would acceptable my household up financially, this would acceptable myself up successful the boxing world."

Spark (12-1, 11 KO) is simply a comparative chartless and has worked astatine a bowling nine successful Toowoomba to assistance him financially passim the aboriginal stages of his boxing career. The Queenslander volition pouch $100,000 for warring Tszyu and couldn't assistance having different excavation astatine Zerafa.

"I wouldn't beryllium present if I didn't backmost myself, I'm present to triumph this combat and I'm present to dethrone the look of Australian boxing," Spark said.

Tim Tszyu and Stevie Spark astatine Monday's property conference. (Shane Myers)

"I bash this for the fans, that's wherefore I did leap successful and instrumentality this astatine the past minute. If you privation it atrocious capable you'll marque it happen, that's referring to myself, to Tim, to No Limit."

Tszyu besides couldn't assistance throwing shadiness astatine his rival portion besides promising to caller interruption down his caller opponent.

"Michael who?" helium said erstwhile asked astir Zerafa's absence.

"Thank you to [Spark] for stepping up astatine specified precocious notice, but this is concern for me, we're not friends yet.

"I've got 1 happening connected my mind, that's to instrumentality him out, by immoderate means possible.

"I'm successful it to instrumentality this feline out."


The combat volition beryllium held time night, Wednesday, July 7. Tszyu volition measurement into the ringing for the archetypal clip successful 3 months since his past combat against Dennis Hogan.


The combat volition beryllium held astatine the Newcastle Entertainment Centre, which has been renamed the "Tszyucastle Entertainment Centre" owed to Tszyu's immense popularity successful the town. Tszyu's dada fought determination 7 times during his career.


Tickets for the combat sold retired successful days, with promoters No Limit forced to find other seating to cater for the immense demand. Only 50 per cent capableness is expected owed to COVID restrictions.


The combat volition beryllium shown unrecorded connected Kayo and Main Event. Coverage starts astatine 7pm AEST.

It volition outgo $59.95. Wide World of Sports volition beryllium live-blogging the lawsuit if you can't entree the fight.


Tim Tszyu: $1.04

Steve Spark: $9.50

** likelihood courtesy of Sportsbet, close astatine clip of publishing


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