Ugly fallout as Dragons player rips teammates

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The Dragons' 'barbecue bender' has created a monolithic rift successful the club's playing ranks.

While a twelve players took up Paul Vaughan's invitation to flout COVID rules to party, respective of the Dragons squad declined the offer.

And those players are present filthy with the atrocious boys who person tarnished the club's name.

Paul Vaughan sacked arsenic St George Illawarra officials respond to drama-filled weekend

"We were told precise intelligibly not to bash thing silly, not to party, conscionable to bask the infinitesimal (after the triumph implicit the Warriors) and spell home," 1 Dragons player, who wants to enactment anonymous, told Wide World of Sports.

"These blokes knew it was incorrect but did it anyhow and person blackened the sanction of the club.

"We person each been tarred with the aforesaid brushwood - I'm embarrassed to beryllium a Dragons rugby league subordinate close now.

"It has astir apt outgo america our accidental astatine the finals and I conscionable anticipation these blokes deliberation it was worthy it."

The Dragons present have to basal down the soiled twelve for a crippled each implicit the adjacent month, putting other unit connected the remainder of the squad.

"It's going to marque it precise hard for america to triumph those 4 games - it sucks," the subordinate said.

The subordinate didn't blasted the club's absorption oregon civilization for the incident.

"Management did each it could - you can't clasp these blokes' hands," helium said.

"They cognize close from incorrect and chose to disregard the rules."

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