Verizon's THOR 5G-enabled vehicle is a new weapon for first responders

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The alleged Swiss Army Knife connected wheels is designed to run nether immoderate web conditions successful immoderate environment, the institution said.


Image: Verizon

As Tropical Storm Elsa barrels toward Florida this week, a new, 5G-based tactical humanitarian operations effect prototype conveyance dubbed THOR is waiting successful the wings to supply assistance if needed.

THOR was developed by Verizon, which bills it arsenic the archetypal mobile, backstage 5G and mobile borderline compute situation effect conveyance capable to run successful immoderate environment, nether immoderate web conditions. THOR is susceptible of providing mission-critical capabilities to archetypal responders and subject members successful astir environments, according to the communications provider.

"Think of THOR arsenic a Swiss Army Knife of 5G connected wheels,'' said Corey Davis, manager of Verizon effect and nationalist information operations. THOR is simply a "living laboratory with full, backstage 5G connected determination and mobile borderline compute that allows america to truly deploy … debased latency, precocious bandwidth" exertion "in precise hard-to-reach places wherever we person zero infrastructure, similar on the confederate border."

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This gives nationalist information professionals real-time situational consciousness and the quality to transmit accusation backmost and distant from their exigency ops halfway to their bid center, helium said.

THOR was built utilizing nonstop feedback from the U.S. Department of Defense connected the exertion officials privation and request to beryllium effectual retired successful the field, Davis said. "This wasn't 'Verizon thinks this would beryllium cool,' it was a associated effort" with respective instrumentality enforcement agencies, helium said.

"This fits good into our wide ngo to enactment nationalist safety," Davis added. "THOR is acceptable to spell wherever nationalist information professionals are and conscionable agencies wherever they request america most."

Officials tin usage the THOR conveyance to bash virtual world and augmented world grooming earlier a archetypal responder goes into a catastrophe area, owed to its bandwidth and low-latency capabilities, Davis said.

THOR was launched successful precocious June astatine the Miramar Marine Corps Air Station successful San Diego. The prototype conveyance volition complement hundreds of mobile assets Verizon deploys during upwind events that supply 4G LTE connectivity for archetypal responders, helium said. Right now, determination are nary plans to physique different vehicle, Davis said.

THOR was built connected a modified Ford F650 chassis and has a six-seat cab and three-seat rear bid center. It tin supply its ain mobile network, and besides features capabilities ranging from commercialized outer options to the quality to beryllium operated remotely from a tablet, Verizon said. 

The conveyance has the quality to propulsion successful drone footage arsenic good arsenic each types of video feeds and is afloat interoperable to enactment with different effect agencies successful a catastrophe area.

"The different chill happening astir THOR is it has a drone launchpad," Davis said. "It tin motorboat a drone to supply situational consciousness oregon further connectivity wherever essentially, it's a flying compartment connected wheels."

A drone tin alert implicit a occurrence enactment and supply situational consciousness earlier occurrence crews marque their mode to basal camps, truthful they person arsenic overmuch quality successful real-time to marque astute decisions earlier going into a blaze, helium said.

This is captious erstwhile web connections neglect and infrastructure is damaged during earthquakes, wildfires and different disasters, Davis said.

THOR is capable to integrate with commercialized drone applications, Verizon said.

Another Verizon exigency asset, "Big Red," has been deployed astatine the Surfside gathering that collapsed successful Florida successful June. Big Red is simply a ample mobile bid halfway that has 24 workstations, each with a VoIP phone, information connection, Chromebook and powerfulness outlets that radical tin usage successful a catastrophe situation.

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