Wallabies warned to beware French mystery men

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There is thing rather similar the acquisition of playing against France successful Test rugby.

As a player, arsenic a fan, arsenic a commentator - you ne'er cognize what you're going to get.

You play England, Ireland, the All Blacks oregon Springboks – you cognize the style, you cognize what's coming.

But the French – you conscionable ne'er know, they're conscionable truthful unpredictable.

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Kyle Sinckler of England tries to drawback Demba Bamba of France. (NurPhoto via Getty Images)

And for the Wallabies the enigma has been accrued further by France sending a young but breathtaking squad Down Under.

It's going to beryllium hard for them coming retired of lockdown and each of a abrupt playing but they'll beryllium hopeless to impressment their manager Fabien Galthie.

They are present a federation with large extent and are bare to beryllium portion of a location World Cup successful 2 years' time.

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Tim Horan successful enactment against France successful the 1999 Rugby World Cup final. (Getty)


Some of my fondest rugby memories are from playing against France.

Of people beating them successful the 1999 Rugby World Cup last is the highlight.

But the 2nd Test I played was arsenic a 19-year-old with Jason Little connected debut successful the centres against France successful Strasbourg successful 1989.

We were playing against Phillipe Sella, Franck Mesnel... each these large players and we won 32-15 aft being immense underdogs.

Philippe Sella of France connected the tally against Wales. (Getty)

In that lucifer Serge Blanco enactment a footwear up and I tackled Serge arsenic helium kicked the ball.

Hollywood, helium went to the crushed and the referee whistled a penalty.

Nick Farr-Jones came up to maine and grabbed my jersey underneath my chin and said 'mate, don't ever bash that again.'

I had thing to say, I thought it was a just tackle but they kicked 3 points and that's however passionate Nick was.

Everyone talks astir the passionateness the French person but I retrieve Bob Dwyer earlier those games saying that the Wallabies request to amusement they person arsenic overmuch – if not much – passionateness than the French.

Australian manager Bob Dwyer consoles Daniel Manu aft they mislaid the Bledisloe Cup. (Getty)

Whenever you play distant successful France they person the large brass set successful the country and you tin ne'er perceive what the backline calls are.

Trumpets and trombones - it's similar what you get astatine American assemblage shot games.

So your calls usually person to beryllium successful motion connection due to the fact that of the deafening sound.

They don't halt the cacophony whether France person the shot oregon you do.

The battles I had against France – they were ever exciting, escaped flowing games of rugby.

They unit you to play an open, expansive game.

Tim Horan volition screen the Wallabies vs France bid for Nine and Stan Sport. (Stan)


With 7 uncapped players successful the France 23 for the archetypal Test, determination is small anticipation and they'll beryllium playing without fear.

The Wallabies person got to daze them early.

Because erstwhile the French get connected a roll, arsenic we've seen for galore years, they're precise hard to stop.

If you're a instrumentality successful Brisbane you've got 2 chances to ticker 2 teams who could perchance marque the World Cup semifinals successful 2 years' time.

That's what they're trying to execute and the imaginable is there.

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