WATCH: Donald Trump Tells Bill O’Reilly That He Hopes He is Deposed in Tech Lawsuit

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As soon arsenic Donald Trump filed his suit against Facebook and Twitter, ineligible experts chimed successful that helium would unfastened himself to deposition. And the thought it that Trump would not clasp up good connected a witnesser stand. But successful a caller speech with Bill O’Reilly, the erstwhile president claimed that helium is looking guardant to being deposed.

O’Reilly began by asking, “Are you lawyers prepared, though, for the war. Because it volition beryllium a war, you cognize that.” Trump replied, “everything’s a war. With me, everything’s a war. And yea we’re prepared and idiosyncratic had to bash it. I made a large code successful Florida the different day, we had 48,000 people. And the radical are screaming, ‘when are you going to writer societal media, large tech.'”

The erstwhile president past claimed that helium had thing to bash with the Capitol insurrection and said he’d been exonerated by congress.

O’Reilly past asked if Trump would beryllium consenting to beryllium for a deposition. “Sure,” helium replied, I look guardant to it. I emotion talking astir the predetermination fraud, due to the fact that it was the astir fraudulent election, good I deliberation we’ve had a batch of them, frankly. But it was the astir fraudulent predetermination successful the past of our country. People cognize it. Every time we’re uncovering much and much impervious of that.”

Trump whitethorn beryllium consenting to beryllium for a deposition, but it surely wouldn’t marque for astute ineligible strategy. The antheral has a past of incriminating himself. Just recently, Trump fundamentally admitted to the claims being made against him by New York prosecutors.

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