WATCH: Ex-Republican Strategist Matthew Dowd Explains Why 1/6 Was Worse Than 9/11

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Horrific events often person the effect of unifying the country. The attacks connected 9/11 was a bully illustration of this. Despite the dense partisanship of 2001, George W. Bush had a 90% support complaint soon after.

1/6 was different horrifying lawsuit successful American history. But the state surely hasn’t travel unneurotic since. And that, Matthew Dowd says, is wherefore the January insurrection was worse than the 2001 attacks.

The erstwhile Republican strategist made the comments during a Tuesday nighttime quality connected Joy Reid’s show. The big began, “It feels similar things person gotten worse since January 6th. I retrieve speechmaking the reports when Trump ran for bureau helium inspired a uptick successful violent white nationalism. The chatter was this is our guy. He’s gone now. Even without his beingness daily on societal media we person members of legislature openly paling around with radical who marched in Charlottesville.”

Dowd responded, “I absolutely agree, I think it is overmuch worse than connected January 6th, overmuch worse than it was in November. Much worse aft January 6th. Part of the occupation is because there’s been nary accountability it’s fixed support to bash more of this. Not lone it’s fixed permission to conscionable mean radical who might do brainsick things, it’s allowed the Republicans conscionable to continue this large prevarication that they’ve pushed across.”

Ex-Republican Strategist Matthew Dowd Opines That 1/6 Was Worse Than 9/11

— PoliticusUSA (@politicususa) July 7, 2021

The impermanent concluded:

“To me, though determination was little nonaccomplishment of beingness connected January 6, January 6 was worse than 9/11 due to the fact that it’s continued to rip our state isolated and springiness support for radical to prosecute autocratic means. And so, I deliberation we’re astatine a overmuch worse spot than we’ve been, and arsenic I’ve said to you before, I deliberation we’re successful the astir perilous constituent successful clip since 1861 and the advent of the Civil War.”

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