WATCH: No One Believes Mike Lindell’s Election Claims, Not Even Marjorie Taylor Greene

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There isn’t overmuch Marjorie Taylor Greene won’t believe. The nation’s archetypal QAnon congresswoman has bought into everything from Hillary Clinton being a pedophile to Jewish abstraction lasers.

But apparently, determination is 1 conspiracy mentation that goes excessively acold for Greene. During a caller podcast appearance, she told Steve Bannon that she doesn’t bargain Mike Lindell’s claims that Donald Trump volition beryllium placed backmost successful office.

The congresswoman explained, “There was existent predetermination fraud that happened successful Fulton County. Georgia did not spell for Joe Biden. I person been saying it. I’ve lived successful this authorities my full life. We re-elected President Trump connected November 3rd successful 2020.”

Greene continued, “I privation radical to beryllium cautious successful what they believe. It’s going to beryllium precise hard to overturn the 2020 election, and truthful I hatred for anyone to get their hopes up reasoning that President Trump is going to backmost successful the White House successful August. ‘Cause that’s not true. And I’m telling you arsenic a subordinate of Congress, that’s a precise hard happening to marque happen.”

The Georgia Rep. concluded, “It’s conscionable that I don’t privation radical to get excited and deliberation that thing is going to hap and past they get disappointed. We request to instrumentality with the truth. We person to instrumentality with the process. And we person to uncover the predetermination fraud.”

Lindell is fundamentally unsocial present successful keeping up hopes that Trump volition instrumentality to office. That doesn’t mean he’s going to halt anytime soon.

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