'Weak' NRL hit 'moronic' Dragons with a feather

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We each marque mistakes but determination is simply nary excuse for the stupidity and moronic behaviour from the St George Illawarra players who allegedly ignored level 4 biosecurity protocols and strict NSW Government stay-at-home orders by throwing a party astatine Paul Vaughan's house successful Shellharbour.

Have these blokes been surviving nether a stone during this pandemic oregon bash they deliberation the rules don't use to them?

Either way, these dunderheads should person been made an illustration of for jeopardising the play proper, which is providing the wider assemblage with immoderate much-needed amusement portion astir of america are stuck successful lockdown. Instead, the NRL has deed them with a feather.

I sometimes deliberation these footballers are surviving connected different satellite with immoderate of their off-field indiscretions and this conscionable proves they aren't surviving successful the existent world.

If you crook connected the TV oregon radio, work a paper oregon look astatine societal media, everyone is talking astir COVID-19 and the restrictions successful spot to support the assemblage from the virus, yet these NRL players don't look to recognize they are successful a fortunate position.

The league has worked tirelessly to support the crippled going erstwhile bureaucrats wanted it unopen down. ARLC president Peter V'landys has spoken astir the fiscal catastrophe if the play is suspended but these players evidently don't care.

For Vaughan, Zac Lomax, Josh McGuire, Kaide Ellis, Blake Lawrie, Corey Norman, Jack Bird, Matt Dufty, Gerard Beale, Josh Kerr, Tyrell Fuimaono, Daniel Alvaro and Jack De Belin to ignore the wellness orders and tally their ain contention is inexcusable.

They would person heard astir the fiscal penalties imposed connected the Canterbury Bulldogs past week and Josh Dugan who's been slapped with a $25,000 fine; truthful you'd deliberation the Dragons players would person said to themselves, 'We amended not tally the gauntlet'. No - they turned up to Vaughan's location with eskies, reasoning they are supra the law.

They request to recognize they're highly fortunate to beryllium playing footy and earning a wage erstwhile the radical who wage their hard-earned wealth to enactment them are stuck astatine location incapable to enactment oregon tally their business.

If the NRL thinks fines totalling $305,000 and immoderate suspensions are going to bash the trick, those successful complaint are kidding themselves.

Paul Vaughan of the Dragons. (Getty)

In its precise ain statement, the NRL says: "It's alleged a fig of players hid oregon fled the residence erstwhile NSW Police attended the location aft complaints from neighbours.

"It's besides alleged that a fig of players gave oregon were progressive successful giving misleading accusation astir the lawsuit during the NRL's probe into the breaches and that immoderate of the players conspired to withhold cardinal accusation from the NRL."

There's an aged saying: the cover-up is worse than the crime.

Vaughan shouldn't beryllium allowed to play for the remainder of the play but there's a accidental he'll beryllium backmost for the finals if St George Illawarra makes it through. The remainder of the players volition lone service 1 lucifer connected the sidelines.

How is that just erstwhile past year, Nathan Cleary copped a $30,000 good and was forced to service a two-match suspension for breaching the biosecurity protocols and lying to the Integrity Unit?

I deliberation the St George Illawarra Dragons are fortunate to flight with the penalties that person been imposed connected them by the NRL.

Jack de Belin of the Dragons. (Getty)

To emphasise the choler and vexation from the supporters who travel the game; I received this email from Michael who was listening to 2GB's Continuous Call Team:

"Hi Mark,

"When volition these NRL players learn, seriously!!!! The NRL needs to travel down HARD connected these players! Anyone who wholly turns their chemoreceptor up astatine the existent protocols and is recovered blameworthy should beryllium stood down without wage for the remainder of the season!!! Seriously this is beyond a joke! Paul Vaughan is hardly a cleanskin erstwhile it comes to matters similar this and it's clip for V'Landys and Abdo to travel down HARD connected each subordinate that was astatine this enactment past night!!!! Do they not recognize the magnitude of the existent situation??? Come connected seriously!!! 

"They request to look the existent world. My concern is presently earning $0 done perfectly nary responsibility of my ain and the existent lockdowns. Yet idiots similar these Dragons players are acting similar they don't person a attraction successful the world! I'm sick of it!!!!"

Paul Vaughan of the Dragons during his team's triumph implicit the Warriors. (Getty)

Vaughan and his St George Illawarra teammates request to publically apologise and look the euphony for what they've done.

NRL main enforcement Andrew Abdo had the accidental to regularisation with an robust fist fixed the enormity of the concern but successful my view, the brag imposed anemic penalties connected these knuckleheads.

These NRL players are earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a play and the fiscal penalties evidently aren't working; therefore, it's clip to beryllium them connected the sidelines for the remainder of the year.

Here's different idea: wherefore doesn't the NRL marque the players beryllium down with concern owners who person mislaid their livelihoods due to the fact that of COVID-19 oregon marque them enactment a time connected a gathering site, to admit the privileged lives they are surviving arsenic nonrecreational athletes?

RLPA brag Clint Newton. (Getty)

It mightiness beryllium worthy asking Clint Newton to bash the aforesaid aft the RLPA brag was crying mediocre past week connected behalf of the State of Origin players.

A study successful the Newscorp papers highlighted the $15,000 they are receiving for each nine-day Origin camp, resulting successful a outgo totalling $7,000 - oregon $750 a time - aft tax.

Newton is seeking "open conversations" with the NRL successful a bid to treble those payments from adjacent year. Seriously ... outcry maine a river, the players are earning however overmuch for 9 days work?

Can idiosyncratic get this connection to the RLPA brag for me: CLINT, READ THE ROOM, MATE. We are expected to beryllium a blue-collar crippled and portion I don't begrudge anyone earning much wealth for the enjoyment they supply america footy fans, present is not the clip to beryllium asking for a pay-rise.

These are the stories that marque the supporters of the crippled suggest these players are greedy and selfish, astatine a clip erstwhile the radical who wage their hard-earned wealth to travel the NRL can't spend to wage their bills.

I deliberation it's clip to deed the reset fastener successful rugby league and the sooner the players commencement surviving successful the existent world, the amended we'll each be.

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