What are the travel rules for UK residents?

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(CNN) — Going connected vacation is nary longer amerciable for travelers from the United Kingdom.

While the determination has been met with alleviation from those anxious to instrumentality a overseas holiday, galore person been near confused by the caller question regulations, on with the risk-based "traffic light" system that's present successful place.

Here's everything you request to cognize astir the UK question rules.

Can UK residents present question overseas for a holiday?

Residents of England, Scotland and Wales person been allowed to spell connected abrogation since May 17, erstwhile the restrictions that made it amerciable to question overseas for non-essential reasons ended.

The rules were relaxed for residents of Northern Ireland connected May 24.

However, authorities officials person warned that the acquisition volition beryllium precise antithetic owed to ongoing concerns astir Covid-19.

"This is simply a caller mode of doing things, and radical should expect question to beryllium antithetic this summertime -- with longer checks astatine the borders, arsenic portion of pugnacious measures to forestall caller strains of the microorganism entering the state and putting our fantastic vaccine rollout astatine risk," UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said successful a statement last month.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson precocious announced that the existent UK rules astir societal distancing, which were owed to beryllium lifted connected June 21, volition stay successful spot for astatine slightest different 4 weeks owed to concerns astir the Delta variant. This determination suggests that determination whitethorn not beryllium immoderate large changes to restrictions astir planetary question to and from the UK successful the adjacent period oregon so.

What are the greenish database countries?

The UK's postulation airy strategy for designating harmless question destinations, lists countries oregon territories it classifies arsenic "green" -- meaning anyone traveling determination volition not person to quarantine connected return.

These are: Australia; Brunei; New Zealand; Iceland; Singapore; Faroe Islands; Gibraltar; Falkland Islands; Israel; South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands and St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha.

Portugal was primitively connected the greenish list, but it moved to amber connected June 8.

It's worthy noting that introduction to Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Brunei and the Faroe Islands is heavy restricted, truthful a destination's quality connected the database doesn't automatically mean that UK travelers tin spell there.

Which countries tin I sojourn if I unrecorded successful England?

English travelers are permitted to a tiny fig of "green" destinations without having to quarantine connected their return, provided they instrumentality a pre-departure test, arsenic good arsenic a PCR trial connected oregon earlier time 2 of their accomplishment backmost successful the UK.

That said, immoderate countries presently listed arsenic green, specified arsenic New Zealand and Australia, stay closed to planetary travelers.

While travelers are besides allowed to sojourn countries designated "amber" oregon "red," the restrictions are overmuch stricter, making them acold little charismatic options.

Those who take to sojourn places connected the "amber" list, which see Portugal, France, Greece, Spain and Italy, volition person to quarantine for 10 days erstwhile they return, instrumentality a pre-departure trial and besides get a PCR trial connected time 2 and 8 of their isolation.

However, "amber" destinations suffice for a test-to-release scheme, which means holidaymakers tin instrumentality a PCR trial aft 5 days' quarantine. If they person a antagonistic result, they volition beryllium permitted to spell retired into the community.

Travelers from England who take to sojourn "red" database destinations are required to cheque successful to 1 of the UK's quarantine hotels, astatine a outgo of £1,750 (around $2,445) per big erstwhile they return. They indispensable besides travel the aforesaid investigating regulations arsenic those arriving from "amber" destinations.

Which countries tin I sojourn if I unrecorded successful Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland?

Scotland and Wales' May 17 "green lists" were initially the aforesaid arsenic England's and an identical database was issued for Northern Ireland erstwhile overseas question resumed connected May 24.

However, the destinations whitethorn alteration according to each countries' needs.

How is the UK deciding which countries spell connected its lists?

The UK authorities has said the decision-making is based connected factors including a country's Covid-19 transmission risk, its variant of interest transmission hazard and its genomic surveillance capability.

The UK's Joint Biosecurity Centre has undertaken hazard assessments for each destination, utilizing information including full fig of vaccination doses administered per 100 people. You tin work much astir the information utilized here, and astir the methodology here.

Should I publication a summertime vacation successful a state connected the amber list?

The amber database contains immoderate of the UK's most-loved tourer destinations, specified arsenic Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain and France.

The authorities guidance is that UK residents should not beryllium booking holidays to "amber list" countries, oregon readying immoderate nonessential travel, but it is nary longer amerciable to bash so.

The amber database is taxable to change, which means countries whitethorn determination to greenish oregon reddish astatine immoderate time.

Can I spell connected vacation successful the UK?

Travelers from England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are allowed to spell anyplace wrong those countries and overnight stays are permitted astatine hotels, B&Bs and hostels, though rules astir radical numbers alteration successful each destination.

Those who program to sojourn immoderate of the Scottish islands are advised to take 2 lateral travel tests earlier their trip.

Will I person to quarantine erstwhile I travel home?

Quarantine rules beryllium connected whether the state you're traveling to/from is connected the "green," "red" oregon "amber list."

If you are arriving into the state from a "red" database country, you volition person to quarantine successful a designated edifice upon accomplishment for 10 days astatine your ain expense. Bookings indispensable beryllium made done this online portal. The complaint for a azygous big is £1,750.

There are designated quarantine hotels successful England and Scotland. If your last destination is successful Wales oregon Northern Ireland, you volition request to publication a edifice successful England oregon Scotland.

If you are arriving from an "amber" database country, you volition person to quarantine astatine location for 10 days. The different radical successful your household bash not request to quarantine with you, unless they were besides connected your trip, oregon they person Covid symptoms, oregon they trial positive.

If you are arriving from a "green list" destination, quarantine is not a requirement.

The quarantine requirements enactment successful tandem with testing. It's compulsory to instrumentality a Covid trial connected oregon earlier time 2 of your quarantine, and connected oregon aft time eight.

If you are arriving successful England from an "amber" country, it's imaginable to extremity your quarantine aboriginal via the Test to Release system. This involves paying for a backstage test, if it's negative, you tin extremity your quarantine period. It's not imaginable to bash this until you've been successful England for astatine slightest 5 days.

If you're arriving from a "red" oregon "amber" destination, your rider locator signifier indispensable incorporate details of your quarantine destination.

You tin get nationalist transport to your spot wherever you mean to quarantine, but the authoritative guidance is to lone bash truthful "if you person nary different option." For the afloat rules, spot here.

During your quarantine, you volition beryllium contacted by NHS Test and Trace.

When volition the rules change?

The UK authorities has said the "red", "amber" and "green" database volition beryllium "continuously monitored" and updated each 3 weeks, truthful it's worthy keeping tabs connected a destination earlier you depart. There's nary warrant that a "green" state volition enactment that way.

As for the strategy much mostly -- the guidance says question restrictions volition beryllium formally reviewed connected June 28, nary aboriginal than July 31 and October 1, 2021.

Will I request to beryllium vaccinated to travel?

Some countries, specified arsenic Iceland, are present unfastened to planetary travelers who tin contiguous impervious of vaccination.

In the lack of this, sometimes a caller antagonistic Covid-19 test, oregon impervious of betterment from Covid-19 volition besides suffice.

The rules often alteration from state to state and it is advisable to cheque destination-specific requirements earlier booking question and person to departure.

Will I request a Covid trial to travel?

Yes. Travelers heading to approved destinations volition request to instrumentality a pre-departure test, arsenic good arsenic a PCR trial connected oregon earlier time 2 of their accomplishment backmost successful the UK.

A trial whitethorn beryllium needed by the state you're traveling to. Most destinations that are unfastened to arrivals present necessitate a caller antagonistic PCR trial earlier visitors tin enter.

Of the countries connected the UK "green" database that are presently welcoming tourists oregon are feasible to scope from the UK, each necessitate a antagonistic PCR test. Some besides necessitate visitors to quarantine.

Portugal, presently connected the "amber" list, volition present judge lateral travel tests for those arriving from the UK, on with EU and Schengen countries.

When tin UK citizens alert to the United States?

The US is presently connected the UK's "amber" list. As explained above, the UK does not counsel nonessential question to "amber" countries.

Plus, UK residents person been banned from entering the United States since March 2020 and this prohibition is inactive successful place.

When the archetypal "green list" destinations were announced, the World Travel & Tourism Council expressed disappointment that the US was not included and accused the UK authorities of being "too cautious."

Airlines person besides been clamoring for the reintroduction of the transatlantic question corridor, 1 of the world's busiest aerial routes during pre-pandemic times.

It's chartless erstwhile the United States mightiness marque it onto the "green list" but it'll apt coincide with a lifting of US restrictions connected UK travelers.

When volition each restrictions beryllium lifted?

The UK has been gradually lifting its Covid-19 restrictions successful tandem with its vaccine rotation out. Restarting planetary question connected May 17 is portion of Step 3 of England's lockdown easing, which besides includes reopening indoor venues similar museums and vacation accommodation including hotels.

England's Covid-19 roadmap initially pinpointed June 21, 2021 arsenic the day successful which each Covid-19 restrictions could beryllium lifted.

Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland person not bookmarked a circumstantial day for the ending of their respective restrictions.

The June 21 day has ever been TBC, and the UK authorities has been keen to stress that it's not acceptable successful stone. There are presently concerns astir a caller Covid-19 variant originating from India, present circulating successful the UK.

It's chartless erstwhile the postulation airy strategy volition beryllium lifted, but authoritative guidance says question restrictions volition beryllium reviewed connected June 28, and again nary aboriginal than July 31 and October 1, 2021.

Plus, it's a two-way happening -- adjacent if restrictions were to extremity successful the UK, different countries whitethorn support limitations connected UK visitors.

CNN's Francesca Street, Maureen O'Hare and Barry Neild contributed to this report.

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