What Mitchell can learn from Buckley's career

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Hawthorn large Shane Crawford has urged Sam Mitchell to bask the highs of coaching arsenic helium prepares to instrumentality implicit from Alastair Clarkson, calling connected his ex-teammate to instrumentality a leafage retired of Nathan Buckley's book.

Mitchell is acceptable to instrumentality implicit arsenic Hawthorn's elder manager successful 2023 aft the nine announced a succession program betwixt helium and the incumbent Alastair Clarkson.

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History hasn't been benignant to coaching succession plans successful the past, with Collingwood's modulation betwixt Mick Malthouse and Nathan Buckley astatine the extremity of 2011 infamous for its rocky ending.

However, Crawford believes determination is simply a acquisition for Mitchell to instrumentality retired of Buckley's coaching career, peculiarly the aboriginal years.

Shane Crawford believes determination is simply a acquisition from Nathan Buckley's coaching tenure for Sam Mitchell (Getty)

"The biggest happening for Sam volition be, it's a large occupation and it's a high-pressure job, but arsenic agelong arsenic helium tin grin and bask the bully times [that is the main thing]," helium told Wide World of Sports.

"Yes, it's a superior concern and successful the property league you privation to get crossed the points you privation to get across, but it's OK to grin each present and then.

"He tin larn from erstwhile Nathan Buckley took implicit [at Collingwood]. The archetypal fewer years, Nathan Buckley looked similar helium wasn't enjoying himself, but past the past fewer years, adjacent nether tremendous pressure, helium was the champion manager to perceive to erstwhile helium spoke to the media.

"He was highly engaging and a bully property and truly connected with [the fans]. You don't privation to look similar you're joking around, but you've got to laughter and bask the moments erstwhile the close infinitesimal presents itself."

Sam Mitchell is presently the manager of Hawthorn's VFL-affiliate Box Hill Hawks (Getty)

Crawford believes Mitchell possesses respective similarities to Clarkson, but admitted that the incoming manager volition privation to marque his ain imprint connected the squad arsenic opposed to simply being a "Clarkson clone".

"I cognize what Sam volition beryllium doing, he'll beryllium like, 'Yes, Alastair Clarkson is simply a genius and he's superb astatine what helium does, but I'd bash it this way'," helium said.

"He'll decidedly person his thoughts, it won't beryllium an Alastair Clarkson clone, It'll beryllium Sam Mitchell's mode helium wants to onslaught his footy.

"They tin some beryllium precise honorable with their feedback and not acrophobic to archer you however it is and not acrophobic to propulsion idiosyncratic up erstwhile they consciousness they're getting distant from what they request to do.

Crawford believes Mitchell won't bash everything Clarkson's mode erstwhile helium yet takes implicit the relation (Getty)

"Alastair Clarkson besides had a teaching inheritance and Sam is simply a existent teacher himself.

"They're some existent innovators with what they do. Alastair Clarkson was ever reasoning astir however helium could marque the crippled faster oregon however we could support better, and Sam is precise overmuch that.

"He's ace intelligent with what helium does, he's ruthless similar Alastair Clarkson, though he's got a spot of a softer broadside present and a spot much knowing that not everyone is wired the aforesaid way."

Clarkson made his people connected Hawthorn erstwhile helium archetypal arrived successful 2004 by axing a fig of veterans, and Crawford hinted that Mitchell besides could bash the same.

Crawford hinted that Mitchell could marque ruthless calls connected experienced players astatine the nine similar Clarkson did (Getty)

"He's decidedly idiosyncratic who won't beryllium acrophobic to marque truly big, hard calls," helium said.

"He's evidently played nether Alastair Clarkson for a long, agelong clip and he's seen that sometimes you've got to beryllium tough. He's decidedly not a manager who volition beryllium connected the fence.

"He's ever had good, beardown opinions and beardown beliefs, and I deliberation that's truly important erstwhile you instrumentality complaint of a shot club.

"If a shot nine is to beryllium successful, you bash request a manager who tin beryllium brutally honest, but you besides request idiosyncratic who tin enactment their limb astir you and you consciousness similar they're with you, not against you."

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