Who let the dogs out? SHIKO becomes newest “DOGE killer”, surges 260%

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Shikoku Inu (SHIKO) is yet different Dogecoin imitator, and has conscionable clocked a caller all-time high. Read connected to find retired wherever to bargain SHIKO.

Shikoku Inu, a meme coin based connected yet different subordinate of the Japanese Inu household of canine breeds, is flying this week, with 260% play gains and adjacent a 113% rally implicit the past day. While the utilities of the token are astir apt thing to bash with the coin’s gains — which tin astir surely beryllium attributed to the nebulous hype surrounding the now-saturated Dogecoin copycat marketplace — they are nevertheless extant, and we volition research these successful this article.

Read connected to observe not lone the uses of SHIKO, but besides however and wherever to bargain the token.

How & wherever to bargain SHIKO successful the UK and elsewhere

Some investors similar to usage decentralised exchanges, oregon DEXs, to acquisition coins similar SHIKO. We usually counsel our readers to enactment distant from these platforms, though, due to the fact that they are virtually each unregulated. This leaves traders unprotected, with small they tin bash successful the lawsuit of a hack oregon scam.

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What is Shikoku Inu?

Shikoku Inu is simply a meme coin (a coin with nary existent inferior and an ironic oregon subversive sanction and appearance). It follows successful the footsteps of Shiba Inu, BabyDoge, and Sanshu Inu, which person tried to entice investors jumping connected the Dogecoin bandwagon.

As Dogecoin’s gains dried up successful Spring 2021, impatient investors sought retired different coins that would satiate their tendency to get affluent speedy with nary effort involved. Coins similar Shikoku Inu deploy crisp selling campaigns that pat into investors’ aggravated greed and scarcity complexes, allowing them to pull droves of caller cryptocurrency fanatics.

Shikoku Inu (SHIKO) veils its ironic and anti-market quality with evident utility: SHIKO is utilized arsenic portion of SHIKOSWAP, a decentralised speech tally by the SHIKO team. This DEX could feasibly beryllium used, but faces stiff absorption from DEXs similar PancakeSwap and UniSwap, which big a much utile assortment of coins.

Should I bargain SHIKO today?

Whether oregon not to put successful immoderate cryptocurrency is simply a subjective matter, and should yet beryllium decided by the idiosyncratic capitalist aft extended deliberation, research, and hazard management. Shikoku Inu has really bucked the inclination of astir dog-related coins, achieving an all-time precocious this week aft an archetypal capitulation that followed its post-launch boom.

SHIKO all-time terms chart. Source: CoinMarketCap

Hilariously, though, SHIKO’s terms illustration connected CoinMarketCap (see above) displays lone values of $0 connected its terms axis, possibly indicating a deeper information astir meme coins.

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