Why a struggling club is no place for Vaughan

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Paul Vaughan is retired of a occupation aft his "absolutely stupid" actions, hosting a BBQ during lockdown, but present attraction turns to wherever the former Dragons prop volition spell next.

The consensus successful rugby league circles is that Vaughan is astir surely going to beryllium snapped up by different club, the lone question is - where?

Paul Vaughan sacked arsenic St George Illawarra officials respond to drama-filled weekend

Vaughan's sacking outgo him successful the ballpark of $1 cardinal successful total, though if helium tin find a woody for 2022, that nonaccomplishment volition beryllium reduced.

Queensland large Billy Slater said Vaughan - arsenic a erstwhile Origin and Kangaroos typical - would beryllium an charismatic signing for a struggling NRL club, nevertheless helium had a informing for imaginable suitors.

"The lone deterrent with signing a feline similar Paul Vaughan, particularly astatine a nine wherever you're trying to physique culture, is you're trying to physique standards and those enactment qualities successful your organisation," Slater said connected Wide World of Sports' Freddy and The Eighth.

"So those clubs that are trying to get disconnected the bottommost of the ladder, they're looking for players that are coming from bully organisations that bash the close happening each the clip and infect the remainder of the squad with those traits.

Paul Vaughan, formerly of the Dragons (Getty)

"That would beryllium the lone interest with picking up idiosyncratic similar Paul Vaughan that has had these indiscretions that spell extracurricular the squad and the game's guidelines connected a regular occurrence.

"I deliberation he'll get picked up. I don't deliberation we person the prime of players to take from. You look astatine immoderate of the teams astatine the bottommost of the ladder they request prime players.

"Paul Vaughan is an Origin, typical subordinate and astatine his champion helium tin adhd worth to a batch of sides. Once the particulate settles a nine volition prime him up."

Slater said Vaughan and the different 12 Dragons players that were caught having a gathering astatine Vaughan's location "knew they were doing the incorrect thing" and enactment the crippled successful jeopardy by reasoning "they were above" the rules enactment successful spot by NSW Health and the NRL amid a caller outbreak of COVID-19 successful the state.

Paul Vaughan, formerly of the Dragons (Getty)

While helium agreed with the punishment the NRL handed Vaughan and his teammates, Slater said it was besides an accidental for the Dragons to get escaped of a atrocious contract.

"He's had anterior indiscretions ... but helium has recovered himself connected the seat a mates of times this year, helium hasn't played his champion shot and the nine person surely utilized this incidental to get much value," Slater said.

"He's connected a batch of wealth and he's not playing to that modular and with these indiscretions they've utilized their close to terminate his contract."

Emotional Paul Vaughan breaks silence

The bully quality for the nine that signs him adjacent nevertheless is that his unceremonious exit from the Dragons whitethorn person taught him a lesson, according to Immortal, Andrew Johns.

"I deliberation he's a satellite people subordinate but I deliberation successful this lawsuit he's conscionable made an perfectly stupid, dumb decision," Johns said.

"I deliberation he'll get picked up, and with definite clauses I deliberation he'd beryllium a truly bully bargain for a club, particularly 1 that's struggling.

"He's a truly bully guy, he's conscionable made a stupid, selfish determination and I deliberation he'll truly larn from this.

"Moving forward, talking astir captains oregon leaders, this could truly beryllium his enactment skills. I've ever recovered him to beryllium a truly bully fella."

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