Will the next iPhone charge wirelessly?

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Happy 10th birthday, iPhone

You whitethorn ne'er person to plug successful your iPhone again.

Apple has joined an manufacture radical devoted to wireless charging, strengthening existing rumors that the adjacent iPhone volition complaint without a cord. The Wireless Power Consortium, which is made up of immoderate 200 organizations that beforehand a azygous wireless charging standard, confirmed to CNNTech that Apple joined the radical past week.

IPhone rumors swirl months earlier each caller mentation is announced, and hype astir the alleged 'iPhone 8" is peculiarly high: Apple (AAPL) is expected to unveil a large redesign of the this autumn to people the 10-year day of the smartphone.

The institution has already shown involvement successful doing distant with cumbersome cords. The Apple Watch charges wirelessly, provided consumers walk $79 connected a magnetic charging dock. And the latest MacBook present comes with lone 1 USB port.

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Apple would besides make different iPhone gross watercourse by selling a wireless charging presumption separately. The diagnostic would simplify charging for smartphone owners. Rather than plugging successful one's phone, a idiosyncratic would lone request to spot it connected the charging dock.

Apple said successful a connection Monday it was joining the Wireless Power Consortium to lend its ideas arsenic wireless charging standards are developed.

As for the speculated imaginable features of the adjacent iPhone, different rumors see an edge-to-edge display, a solid assemblage and the removal of the location button.

CNNMoney (Washington) First published February 13, 2017: 2:42 PM ET

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