Windows 10 PowerToys: How to keep your PC awake without changing settings

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Keeping a machine awake tin beryllium beneficial erstwhile moving time-consuming tasks. PowerToys Awake tin bash that without changing your Windows 10 configuration settings.

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Under mean operating conditions, a Microsoft Windows 10 PC that does not person immoderate input for a definite magnitude of clip volition crook disconnected the show and autumn into slumber oregon suspend mode. The interior workings of this behaviour are typically handled by the Power & Sleep settings, but a Windows 10 PowerToys instrumentality introduced successful Version 0.41.3 allows you to override your specified Power Plan.

The Awake instrumentality of Windows 10 PowerToys allows a idiosyncratic to unit their PC to stay awake without changing the settings for the existent Power Plan. Keeping a machine awake tin beryllium beneficial erstwhile moving time-consuming tasks. A machine that slips into slumber mode oregon shuts down a show could negatively interaction show of definite procedures and processes. Awake allows you to debar those complications.

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Windows 10 PowerToys: How to support your PC awake

Awake is 1 of the tools recovered successful the Windows 10 PowerToys suite of inferior applications. As of this writing, the latest mentation of these tools is Version 0.41.3 and tin beryllium downloaded from Microsoft's GitHub page.

Once PowerToys is installed, click the PowerToys icon recovered successful the System Tray connected your Windows 10 desktop to bring up the settings interface shown successful Figure A.

Figure A


Click the Awake nexus recovered successful the left-hand navigation model to uncover the Awake settings surface shown successful Figure B.

Figure B


Obviously, the archetypal happening you privation to bash is alteration the on/off toggle fastener nether Enable Awake to the On position.

Once on, you tin click the checkbox successful the Awake instrumentality nether Behavior to unit the show to enactment connected indefinitely. Left unchecked, depending connected the mode selected connected this screen, Awake volition let displays to crook disconnected adjacent if the instrumentality is acceptable to support your PC awake.

You tin besides take the mode you privation Awake to run under:

  1. The Off (Passive) mounting volition let your chosen Power & Sleep settings to power your PC's behavior.
  2. The Keep Awake Indefinitely mounting volition support your PC alert and moving until you alteration this setting.
  3. The Keep Awake Temporarily mounting volition support your PC alert and moving for a circumstantial play which you tin acceptable with the timer connected this screen. When clip runs out, the PC converts backmost to your Power Plan settings.

It is important to enactment that if you reset the timepiece earlier the archetypal clip has expired, the timepiece volition reset and commencement counting the transition of clip anew. You cannot adhd oregon subtract from your archetypal impermanent timer setting.

Inner workings

Awake does not alteration immoderate of your Windows 10 Power & Sleep settings to execute its function. Your chosen Power Plan remains intact and successful place. Instead, Awake "spawns inheritance threads that archer Windows that they necessitate a circumstantial authorities of the machine." The Windows 10 PowerToys Community credits bundle technologist Den Delimarsky with the publication of this tool.

While changing the Awake settings done the System Tray is convenient, it is not the lone access. Awake besides supports the Windows 10 bid enactment interface. The specifics of these commands is beyond the scope of this article, but you tin find details connected the PowerToys Awake accusation page.

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