With His Potential Last Moments Of Freedom Matt Gaetz Is Running A Scam to Make Trump Speaker

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The indictment of Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is expected soon, but Gaetz is spending his clip moving a fundraising scam based connected making Trump Speaker.

Jake Sherman tweeted:

>⁦@mattgaetz⁩ is present fundraising connected nominating trump to go speaker.

A reminder: lone 1 idiosyncratic needed to nominate idiosyncratic for speaker. 218 votes to go speaker.

Trump satellite says helium doesn’t privation to beryllium speaker. @gopleader does privation to go speaker. pic.twitter.com/qlevHPvpZC

— Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman) July 8, 2021

Gaetz and Sherman went backmost and forth:

https://t.co/FlplvFRobH pic.twitter.com/cWtHgL99ff

— Jake Sherman (@JakeSherman) July 8, 2021

Federal prosecutors look to person tons of grounds and cooperating witnesses who were adjacent to Gaetz, arsenic it is apt that the congressman volition beryllium charged soon with kid enactment trafficking, but nary of this has stopped Gaetz from touring the state with Marjorie Taylor Greene connected a Sleaze and Sedition Tour and speaking astatine Trump’s Florida rally.

Trump expressed involvement successful becoming Speaker Of The House in the aforesaid mode that a feline expresses involvement successful a artifact with a drawstring tied to it.

He appears to person cooled connected that anticipation due to the fact that it would necessitate him to amusement up and perchance bash work, and those are 2 things that Trump showed zero involvement successful portion successful the White House.

Trump isn’t going to beryllium Speaker Of The House, and Matt Gaetz astir apt isn’t going to beryllium astir to walk the currency that helium is raising, due to the fact that it is an FEC usurpation to enactment donor currency successful a situation commissary account.

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