'You really feared the worst' for Christian Eriksen, says Finland captain Tim Sparv of opponent's collapse

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(CNN)The representation of Christian Eriksen lying motionless connected the transportation during Saturday's Euro 2020 crippled is 1 that "will ne'er spell away," according to Finland skipper Tim Sparv.

Eriksen suffered a cardiac arrest towards the extremity of the archetypal fractional of the crippled betwixt Finland and Denmark earlier being resuscitated.

On Tuesday, Eriksen said helium felt "fine -- nether the circumstances," adding that helium would stay successful infirmary to spell done wellness examinations.

    "That representation that I inactive person successful my head, that's truthful disturbing. You truly feared the worst," Sparv, who is captaining Finland during the country's archetypal large tournament, told CNN Sport's Patrick Snell.

      "You thought that helium was going to die. It was very, precise affectional and we're conscionable truthful blessed and gladsome that he's doing fine."

      Sparv added that immoderate of his teammates were understandably affectional aft witnessing what was a "very traumatic experience." For his part, helium said his archetypal enactment aft the crippled had been suspended was to power connected his telephone and substance his family.

      "I wanted to beryllium successful interaction with them. They were of people disquieted arsenic well," said Sparv.

      Sparv gives an interrogation  pursuing  Finland's crippled  against Denmark.

      The lucifer yet resumed with Finland winning 1-0, but the determination for the teams to support playing has travel nether criticism, notably from Denmark guardant Martin Braithwaite.

      According to Braithwaite, the teams were fixed 2 choices by UEFA, European football's governing body: to decorativeness the lucifer determination and then, oregon to play the adjacent time astatine noon. The archetypal option, Braithwaite said, was the "lesser of 2 evils."

      "I don't deliberation it's the optimal solution to play shot aft an incidental similar this. I don't deliberation it's mentally steadfast for anyone to spell backmost retired connected the transportation and play a crippled of football," said Sparv.

      "We had 2 atrocious options ... I don't deliberation that it would person been immoderate amended going backmost to the hotel, sleep, and spell backmost to the stadium the pursuing time ... I don't person immoderate answers, I don't cognize what a sensible alternate would person looked like.

      "Should the crippled person been canceled? Should it person been a zero-zero draw, some teams get 1 point? Maybe that's something."

      In a connection to CNN, UEFA said it is "sure it treated the substance with utmost respect for the delicate concern and for the players ... The players' request for 48 hours' remainder betwixt matches eliminated different options."

      'A fantastic footballer'

      Having spent galore years with Danish nine FC Midtjylland, Sparv knows however important a subordinate of Eriksen's caliber is for shot successful the country.

      Currently playing for Inter Milan successful Serie A and antecedently for Tottenham Hotspur successful the Premier League, Eriksen has won much than 100 caps for Denmark implicit the past 11 years.

      "[He's] a fantastic ambassador for Danish football," said Sparv.

      "Just the mode helium plays, he's a precise technically talented footballer. It looks truthful easy, helium has a fantastic archetypal touch, his vision, his goal-scoring quality -- he's conscionable a fantastic footballer.

      "I've met him connected a fewer occasions, I've played against him erstwhile oregon doubly and helium ever comes crossed arsenic a precise humble quality being."

      Eriksen receives attraction    during Saturday's game.


      While Denmark continues its Euro run against Belgium connected Thursday, Finland plays Russia connected Wednesday.

      Sparv admitted that preparing for the adjacent crippled -- portion inactive coming to presumption with the past 1 -- has been a struggle.

      "It's been truthful galore antithetic kinds of emotions astatine the aforesaid time," helium said.

      "For us, it was a large occasion, it was the archetypal clip we participated successful a large tournament, our archetypal game. We won that game. It should person been similar this large happening successful Finnish shot history, but our celebrations were precise subdued.

        "Usually there's a batch of euphony and dancing and laughing successful the dressing country aft a win. But we were conscionable sitting successful our places, trying to bespeak connected what had happened, trying to work immoderate accusation connected our phones, trying to fig out: however is Christian doing?

        "It was not the benignant of joyous infinitesimal that it usually would person been, which is rather earthy I deliberation ... erstwhile you deliberation astir a subordinate astir dying, I deliberation it puts things successful perspective."

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